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Thread: How is front-frame angle measured?

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    How is front-frame angle measured?

    Do all manufacturers measure it the same way? I think I've seen diagrams showing different ways of measuring it. Is the angle made from true horizontal or from the seat frame (including specified dump)?

    From what I can tell, most measure from seat frame projection (in front of the chair) down to the leg-rest frame. If they took dump into account, every bend would be custom. The clearest info I've seen on this is at the end of Ki Tsunami order form (attached).

    Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

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    See image below. Top End and TiLite both CAD draw each chair so that the angle will be exact for an given chair's front & rear STF heights. Most other manufacturers put it in the ball park, but the exact front frame angle varies with dump in a manner similar to the table on the Tsunami's order form. Ki is the only manufacturer I know who provides this info on the order form..

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    Thank you, SCI OTR. Great feedback!! That's exactly what I wanted.

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