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Thread: What equipment do all of you quads take when traveling?

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    What equipment do all of you quads take when traveling?

    I'm starting to do more and more travel than justwanted to know what everyone considers being a necessity when traveling both by air & car?

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    Let's see, if we are gone overnight: Hoyer lift and sling,cough assist, vest percussion machine and hoses, power chair and misc chargers, suction kit and supplies,ventilator and supplies for it (for night) Oxygen (just in case) Nebulizer kit and supplies, foam Geo (sp) mat, SP and trachea supplies and dressings, portable metal ramp.......can't think of the rest. If we are gone overnight we bring the full size shower commode chair. For that reason we seldon travel.

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    I should probably clarify that I am aC5/C6 and do not require any of the ventilation items.

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    I'm sorry KSpell, I was being silly (but true) when you had a perfectly honest question. It's been a weird day. I am sure you will get some good responses.
    We went to the lake for the week-end and it was an eye opener to the in-laws to see our traveling fun show. Again, sorry.

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    No worries,I don't get a good opportunity to be on the site a lot since I work a lot more than a normal 40 hour week. So I don't have a good sense on how everyone responds.

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    If you have a van, if you can transfer independently - then when traveling you may wish to consider getting a power chair with elevating seat so that you can get into the g--damned too high hotel beds. If you start out with a chair designated a "low rider" then you usually have a seat pan (not cushion) at 16 1/2" from floor. Then you can use elevating seat to go about 6" higher. This combination gives you nice transferring advantages as you can set seat height of chair so you are always transferring from higher to lower (gravity assisted transfers).

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    By minivan: Commode/shower chair, "life boat" folding manual chair, power wheelchair charger, sheepskin to sleep on, pump and patch kit for Roho cushion and extra cushion cover, extra leg bags, foley catheters for the SP, 3 foot portable ramp, copies of Rx scripts, credit cards, ID, insurance cards (sealed in a plastic bag and placed inside the cover below the wheelchair cushion), Camelback water bottle.

    By air: We rarely travel by air anymore, but when we do, I give up the comfort, convenience, and security of the commode/shower chair and "life boat" folding chair and portable ramp.

    Happy Trails.

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    There is a ton of stuff I bring with me, but if I had to choose the most essential it is a large plastic mug that looks like it might hold coffee, but is really my "piss pot." No one has a clue what it is used for, and has saved me trying to find bathrooms often.

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    Try to avoid flying if at all possible. Mostly van trips and a cruise once a year:

    Power chair with backpack
    Small travel wheelchair battery charger
    Power strip with 5 electrical outlets for charging chair battery, camera, iPod, etc.
    Manual folding wc & cushion (as backup and for use on cruise shore excursions), also with backpack
    Travel lift and slings
    Travel shower/commode chair (in its own suitcase)
    Night splints and boots
    A couple of gait belts (used for a wide variety of things)
    Separate bag just for catheters, bowel care supplies, bed pads, etc. Take enough for the length of the trip X1.5
    Meds (length of the trip X1.5)
    Sun block
    Wheelchair rain poncho
    A small over-the-door shoe bag for the bathroom...very handy for all the needed bathroom stuff.

    With that, and regular clothing needs, we are pretty much set. I have a spread sheet that lists all the needed things that we customize for each trip, and then print out and use as a packing checklist so we don't forget anything.


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    Nuprodx Commode, 4x4 sheepskin pad, ROHO repair kit, a list of medications.

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