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Thread: Parasailing??

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    I'm sure someone here has done it.....I'm going on vacation next Wednesday and have always wanted to parasail and I think my 8 year old daughter would have an absolute blast.

    Any suggestions? Do's? Don'ts? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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    I went parasailing three years ago in Pensacola Beach and can't really think of any don'ts the only do is do enjoy yourself. I used a company called Key Sailing and they knew what they were doing when it came to a person using a chair. The only thing I couldn't understand is after they put the harness on me they sit me on the floor for lift off I have seen videos of people sitting in their wheelchair for lift off.

    Not sure where your going but maybe call ahead and see if they have any don'ts.
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    I did it years ago on Katalina Island in CA they put the harness on me I got back in my chair and I never touched the water. Went up a couple hundred feet it was fun enjoy yourself.
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    I've parasailed tandem each visit to Key West off the back of a boat. Like Aliya, I was in a seated position on boat's deck for take off. Being seated directly on the boat is safer than being in a chair as you and/or the harness/sail could conceivably hang on your chair and it could take off with you if you're in it.

    Do not take off or land on a beach or pier. You would be pulled through the sand, across the ground or across the wooden boards. Ouch.

    Make sure you are "clicked into" the harness at all points. Before takeoff, ask for a double check. Also, make sure the boat has plenty of gas in the tank. You don't want the engine to stall while you are connected to the sail.

    Ask the boat operators to use care with your legs on take off and landing. A good operator will know what to do to make sure your legs do not twist and bend under you.

    I'd pass on parasailing out of the US. Being out of country is not a good time to check another nation's medical care up close and first hand should anything go wrong.

    All of this said, have a blast! I go every chance I get.

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    I just went in June!!! it was awesome!!!!
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