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Thread: clinical trial for chronics sci in Spain

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    clinical trial for chronics sci in Spain

    this is a translated version from the spanish article

    The National Center for Paraplegia tested in autumn Foltra hormone treatment
    06/22/2010 Toledo Hospital with the approach that Dr. Devesa has already obtained results on its foundation in Matt / / Manage growth factors
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    An interview with Jesus Devesa was enough to win the former minister Bernat Soria. The then head of Health met two years ago that the scientific work and research done at USC since 2005 Foltra Foundation in Cacheiro (Matt), and spinal cord injury has allowed wheelchair to walk again. Do not hesitate to go for it and personally promoted the application of his method at the National Center of Toledo Paraplegia.

    Devesa, physiologist specializing in endocrinology, Foltra develops a unique method in Europe with growth hormone as a key to an integrated treatment for serious brain and spinal injuries. The proposal came as a medical alternative to the usual process of institutionalization of these patients and later discharged with no sequelae enough professional attention. Against this, Foltra proposes "a customized comprehensive treatment from different perspectives: medical, rehabilitation and occupational therapy. The patient's back to life." This philosophy is coupled with a revolutionary medical formula, the application of the hormone and other growth factors, in those cases where indicated, on key functions such as circulation, healing, the bone marrow or cell proliferation. This is a pioneering method which has never developed in public medicine and Devesa nowhere was the first to apply and publish officially Proffesional Medical Journal.

    After his interview with Bernat Soria and an extensive process of negotiation, finally now, Devesa method reach the public medicine in Spain. The next fall (probably September-October) National Center of Toledo Paraplegia starts clinical trial of spinal cord injury. It is funded by the Ministry of Health through the Directorate General for Regenerative Therapies, which also has the support of the community of Castilla y León.

    Dr. Devesa appear in this work as a researcher at a distance and Dr. Antonio Oliviero be that direct in situ test, which will last for approximately one year to further objectify the results.

    While waiting for those in public health, through the foundation, altruistic, Dr. Devesa continues to serve every day dozens of patients on Teo, clearly getting spectacular results.

    "We have cases especially gratifying, as a child with a spinal cord injury C-3, C-4, which do not have any mobility in his legs went in a few months to walk 800 meters with the help of a walker. Or a girl absolute loss of function of the throat, which had 15 years without speaking or eating and eight months of treatment recovered the full capacity here, "he explains.

    Besides these examples, the paradigm of success Foltra is Paul, the son's own Devesa, and his wife, Ana Peleteiro. After a car accident fell into a coma, suffered a tbi , and because of it, a stroke. "Nobody gave me clear expectations of their future," recalls Devesa and adds that "it was the uncertain future that I decided to act." After a lifetime researching the growth hormone, knew many actions that share this hormone (GH) and prolactin. An article on the latter "gave light."

    Described in the text that was responsible prolactin in lactating rats to induce the generation of new neurons that migrate to the olfactory bulb to the lactating rat (in which high levels of prolactin) could discriminate better, by smell, their own offspring. Devesa recalls that "it opened my eyes to a new world for me: the brain renewal. If prolactin is able to induce the formation of new neurons, why not GH? In the final analysis, both hormones derived from a common gene that diverged only 10 million years, a very short time from the point of view of evolution. " He decided to administer the hormone to Paul "in the hope that empirical reasoning might be fulfilled. And was fulfilled." After a month, a new videolaringoscopia vocal cord showed that cadaverous, dead for good, moved well, closing the glottis, the oropharyngeal palsy had disappeared and the probe could retire and start eating normally by mouth. It had been two months since the accident ... Over time, some more, took back the rest of the functions, cognitive and motor skills. For the eight months was examined for its 4th year Molecular Biology and the following year ended the race with its promotion. Recovered 100%, is today a promising researcher in the field of neural repair and has been able to decipher the biochemical pathways by which GH acts as effectively as neurorregenerador and neuroprotective, a brilliant work which will soon be published and also part of his doctoral thesis.

    More than GH. In relation to their techniques, Dr. Devesa clear that there exists a widespread hoax about the use of growth hormone. "It is said that only use growth hormone. It is not correct, only used in cases where indicated. Today we know a large number of factors neurorregeneradores, with varying degrees of success, but allowing the use of other treatments, together, of course, the physical and cognitive rehabilitation. " Rehabilitation plays, in fact, also a key role in methodological philosophy of the clinic Foltra, with professionals in this field among its staff.

    Altruism. The origins of the clinical condition Foltra marked its foundation, in which treatments are so totally altruistic. "There is no charge for the work they do. Yes there is a collaboration of patients and their families who contribute financially to the Foundation to proceed, but there is no mandatory fee for treatment. We managed to develop our work through volunteer work many of the workers of this equipment and aid from outside institutions. Apart from the government, the work of Foltra not be possible without contributions from entities such as La Caixa and foundations as Maria Esperanza Gomez Noise.

    Although funds are essential to the development of the project, the economic factor is not weighed in no time at the time of putting it. "Our only intention is that all patients with acquired brain damage or peripheral benefit out of something what we believe and we've found, doing it in other places and under other requirements," explains Devesa. In fact, the doctor moves that "we are ready to work with whoever you want. This will also avoid the tremendous psychological pressure that is receiving aid many daily demands that can not serve."

    That, today, the main concern of the directors of Foltra, failure to respond to families seeking in them a new door of hope. Perhaps, after testing of Toledo, is the public health who can give it.

    Paul, in the Lisbon Institute of Neuroscience

    Paul, the son of Dr. Devesa, recovered 100% by his father from a brain stem injury that left him a stroke, is today a renowned researcher. Not in vain the Neurosciences Institute in Lisbon was interested in the research work developed in the Universidade de Santiago and joined the team of Professor João Malva, an internationally renowned figure. Shortly present its argument and return to USC.


    is the year of founding of Foltra. In five years has already achieved outstanding results.

    Confidence 'real': Kardam of Bulgaria, Teo

    The prestige of the clinic Foltra has crossed all barriers. This is evidenced by the fact that, despite the finality of Devesa Peleteiro and to refuse to say one word about it, the center is the place chosen by the Prince Kardam of Bulgaria and his wife, Miriam Ungr*a to recover from tragic accident in August 2008. The prince suffered a head injury and attempts to minimize the fallout Cacheiro dragging.

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    hey ox this is in your back yard. heard anything about it?
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    Yes, i made contact with him as soon as I knew this.

    Personally i don't have much believe in this, but we'll have to see. On one hand it is good that government has invested on a clinical trial without too many problems/delays but there WAY more interesting approaches than Devesa's growth hormone, but this is the one that was pushed and eventually went through...
    Don't ask what clinical trials can do for you, ask what you can do for clinical trials.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0xSquidy View Post
    but there WAY more interesting approaches than Devesa's growth hormone, but this is the one that was pushed and eventually went through...
    isn't that personal perspective...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric.S View Post
    isn't that personal perspective...
    yes 100%.

    The clinical trial is just for incomplete people by the way.
    Don't ask what clinical trials can do for you, ask what you can do for clinical trials.

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