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Thread: I got hit coming home :(

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    Unhappy I got hit coming home :(

    I live in the mountains next to Lake Shasta. A camper was passing on a blind curve and was in my lane and struck the driver side by mirror. I leaned to the right before impact. Glad it wasn't head on or I wouldn't be here. Enough is enough DAM. Thank you guardian angel (again) It could have been worse. How was your day!

    MY POOR BABY Impact broke both seat belts.

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    OMG FreeBird, I hope you are OK? Did the other driver have proof of insurance and all that fun jazz? Hopefully the police report will be ready ASAP, you can turn the claim in to your insurance and get your van fixed. I'm glad you were aware of the situation before the impact and had time to lean out of the way. Thank God you were wearing a seatbelt, it definitely could have been MUCH worse.
    Hope all is ok and keep us updated.
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    I'm glad you're ok. Looking at the pic, I'm also glad the van didn't blow up into a fireball at impact - if the gas tank is where it looks like it is.
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    glad you are OK. Both of the seatbelts broke? Sounds like defective equipment to me. Report it to the vans manufacturer and to the state consumer agency?

    Passing on a blind curve, huh? A lawsuit waiting to happen. What total lack of concern for others and a potential for disaster. You really do have a guardian angel.

    Glad it was not as bad as it could have been.
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    Brutal. Glad you're ok.

    They really trashed your ride. How nice of them.

    If those seatbelts broke in a side swipe, emagine a head on?

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    Saying a prayer you're okay & THANK YOU LORD JESUS!
    How can you protect from this in the future?

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    oh, I hope you are ok!

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    Wow what an ordeal and I know what it is like to live in the mountains and try to get your van fixed. Here are a few things that I learned through hindsight.

    1. Make sure you tell them you are disabled and the van is special.
    2. You will need a replacement adapted van (get places for them to call)
    3. Have the rental vehicle delivered to you at the insurance companies expense. If they give you a hard time about this and say "our policy is not to pay" ask to speak to their supervisor, most of the time they are reading from a script.
    4. Make sure you get approval for more days on the rental then they say the van will take to fix. Even if it ends up being less in the end you will have no problem getting reimbursed for what you paid.
    5. Find a good shop, when you live in the mountains (ski town in Colorado) a good shop can be hard to find ask them if they can pick you up and drop you off in your van.

    One time when I got hit and the person had Geico insurance they paid for everything they even paid $400 delivery charge and P/U and van rental of $100 per day for 10 days at one point I felt like Geico was trying to get my business by taking care of me so good and they almost did.

    One last thing, when it is all over call your insurance company and ask them what would happen if they did not have insurance what would happen? Do I have rental insurance? How much per day does it cover cover $. How many days? I know here in Colorado a minivan is about $100 per day. If you don't have it you may want to add it and so it covers the correct $ amount you may only get $20 per day normal and at $100 per day that is almost useless.

    If you have any other questions feel free to PM me.

    Good luck with it all, it can be a pain in the ass.

    How did the seatbelts break? Which two? If it was the passengers and drivers, that is real scary.

    Stevie P
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    OMG. So glad that you are OK, although just looking at the van made me practically ill. For the AB person an accident is a disturbance in their normal routine, but they take a bus, taxi, or train to get where they need to get. For us it is a full scale assault on our freedom. I suppose it better on that side than the lift side, and hopefully you can still drive it until it goes in for repairs. Still, it is a shame, and I am sorry.

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    i worry about being in another accident now that i'm hurt. i'm sorry this happened to you, but totally glad you live to see another day.
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