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Thread: Medtronic pain pump

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    Medtronic pain pump

    Had pump installed 5 years ago and worked okay,developed a leak and had pump replaced.seemed to work okay at first and then pain hit hard.I started having what i thought were withdrawal syptoms from not getting my delaudin.went to er and they took blood and urine and came back and said not sight of any narcotics in either samole,which i think means pump quite.what im needing to know is will the delaudin show up in my blood or urine and can you have withdrawal syptoms if pump quites?thanks.James.

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    I'd think the answers are yes and yes, although a much lesser amount of drugs need be in the bloodstream since it's better targeted with the pump. It sure sounds to me like the pump is not working properly. You better get in touch with your physician ASAP.

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    I don't think you're going to have any narcotics in your bloodstream. The pump put it directly into your spinal cord and skips the bloodstream, that's what makes it so effective. I would check with your pump doctor before you go anywhere else.
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