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Thread: MV-1 - Purpose Built Wheelchair Vehicle

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    There is an ad for it in the latest New Mobility mag. It says they are taking orders....

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    Here's an article about the vehicle that was posted yesterday.

    Here's an excerpt from the article;
    In addition to NCIL conference attendees, the unveil was attended by Marc Buoniconti, president of The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, a leading spinal cord injury research center that was co-founded by NFL Hall of Fame linebacker Nick Buoniconti after his son Marc sustained a spinal cord injury during a college football game. Marc and The Miami Project provided extensive input into the design of the MV-1.

    "Our organization is pleased to have been so involved in the design input of this first-of-its-kind vehicle," said Marc Buoniconti. "For too long, wheelchair users have been shut out of the process, and any vehicle options to this point have been an afterthought - whereas this vehicle was designed from the ground up with this audience's needs at the forefront."

    Starting later this year, the MV-1 will be built in the United States at the AM General assembly plant in Mishawaka, Indiana.

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    Anyone know base price?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ancientgimp View Post
    Anyone know base price?
    Around $40,000 I think.
    C5 injury with partial C6 function on left.

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    The website, claims the base model starts under $40k. But I'm sure options drive it up pretty quickly.

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    Saw one today here in MI. Looks good but not available to drive from your chair. They said that if enough people ask for the option to drive they may add it later on. Right now the drivers seat is not removable and the floor on the dr side is raised higher than the rest of the truck. Bob

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    Can't drive it? Well that rules me and probably 70% of the people on here out.

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    I wonder if you could transfer to the drivers seat from your chair. I never liked the thought of driving from a manual chair anyway.

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    Yes, transferring to the dr seat they said would be an option. Possibly even having a pwr seat that rotates in the near future.

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    MV-1 Wheelchair Accessible Car Enters Production in the USA

    Based upon the company's website, the wheelchair accessible MV-1 car is scheduled to enter production sometime next quarter (i.e., Q4 of 2010).

    What do you think of the car based upon this preliminary information? Those who drive a conversion van; would you consider the MV-1 a viable alternative to a van presuming that minor non-structural modifications could permit driving the MV-1 via transferring into the driver's seat? Does the 6:1 ramp steepness make the vehicle's use impractical by those who use a manual chair and who wish to be independent?
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