Hi. I have been on the minipill for heavy bleeding for about 5 months now. It helped until recently, and now I am starting have a period every other week again that's heavy. When I went back to the gyno about it, she suggested I get the Mirena IUD put in, because it was recently approved for heavy bleeding.

Does anyone else use the Mirena birth control device, and does it help with heavy bleeding? I have also heard that the NuvaRing and Yaz birth control pills help with this too. My gyno told me that both of these increase the risk of blood clots in people prone to them, but the only time I have ever had a bad blood clot was after my colon surgery when I was literally immobile for weeks, because I could only lay on my left side due to a drain tube in my backside. Would this make me "more prone to clots" if I were to go on Yaz or the NuvaRing?