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    Heart Rate

    A few years ago after surgery (bladder augmentation & mitro) my heart rate became very high. It's never really stopped being high at rest, I'd say that average resting heart rate is in the high 80s, used to be low 70s. With very slight activity it goes up, and responds well to exercise (my average heart rate during a bike ride recently was 140).

    No one could ever figure out why it went up so much after the surgery. A PT and I theorized that something in my nervous system was "upset". I have a low level incomplete injury and don't have autonomic dysreflexia (originally I was also getting "hot flashes" and having trouble with sweating randomly all the time). I still have trouble with sweating at night, and more in general, prior to this I'd never been a sweater, even pre-injury.

    I saw cardiologists about it, and they put me on beta blockers for a bit, but that made me gain weight (didn't seem to help much).

    I worry that this is bad for my heart. It also makes things like calories burned and using heart rate for fitness tracking difficult, because it's so high. I don't really understand the science behind it all...I'm sure calories and such are processed differently in folks with SCI, before this I'd always thought I was really efficient, but nowadays I'm not so sure.

    Has anyone else's heart rate changed like this? Did it ever get better?

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    I am also getting high resting heart rate but also bradycardia of lowest 43. Sometimes my resting heartrate is 97. I also get fast heartrate prior to falling asleep and suddenly wake up again as a result. Is this dangerous? The doctor did not put any pacemaker or prescribe medication for me.

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    While it is not uncommon to have bradycardia or tachycardia with sci, your heart rate can also be effected by many things, including the medication you are on, your age, your medical history, etc. I would recommend that you speak to your sci doc and see what he/she says. Given that they would know your history better than I, they probably have a better idea of what may or may not be going on.


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