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Thread: blood clots/pulmonary Embolism(s)

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    blood clots/pulmonary Embolism(s)

    I recently got out of the hospital after what I thought was a rugged case of cramps turned out to be a ginormous blood clot in my inferior vena cava (the major vein that takes blood to your lower body) that starts in my rib area and continues to my pelvic area. this clot had been throwing mini blood clots around, 2 of which had lodged in my lungs (pulmonary embolisms)

    So... they went in through my jugular vein in my neck (super cute, right?) and put a filter thing in above the huge clot to prevent more clots from ending up in my lungs, brain, heart, etc. and 9 days later, I'm out of the hospital on huge amounts of blood thinners and meds. It took me 2 years to get off the meds the first time, and now I've gotta do it all over again.

    As a pretty healthy 32 year old who eats a healthy diet (mostly lean meats n veggies- I won't lie, I'll throw down a slurpee here and there) what do I need to know? I've been advised I can't eat anything green anymore (and it's super hard. try it sometime). I'm pretty sure it's from the Yaz. I had a full work up about 6-8 months ago before I did a paid weed study for UCDavis and everything was golden, then I started on the pill, and whammo, I've got a rib-eye in my vein and filets in my lung.
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    Damn. That was hard to read. Hope it never happens again.

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    Oh man, Feisty, I had no idea. I'm sorry you had to go through this, but I'm glad they caught it in time. Do you have a genetic predisposition to clots? Did you smoke? It's scary to think it was simply the birth control that did this to you.

    I can't offer much advice on what to do, but I'd be curious to know what other factors they weighed when they assessed the cause of your clots. If anything, it could serve as a warning for everyone else here.

    I hope things improve for you and that you can get off the thinners soon.

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    Oh hon, so sorry. Have they suggested maybe a baby aspirin regimen? After everything I mean.
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    I had a pulmonay embolysm on my birthday 2008. I couldnt sleep on my right side, just hurt too much, and I was really out of breath. I went to ER by ambulance after a really bad night. They couldn't find what was wrong with me and sent me home with breathing exercises since they diagnosed I had almost no strength of breath.

    I told them I felt that I had arrived with a broken leg and they had sent me home with leg exercises because they had diagnosed a weak leg.....

    That afternoon I went to Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta and within 30 minutes they had correctly diagnosed a Pulmonay Embolysm - yay!

    Spent 3 nights and had lots of injections in my stomach. Then 6 months of Cumadin pills to thin the blood.

    Final point of all this long story - now I am back to normal; no diet change, no pills, no asprin, no leg scans, no avoiding certain foods. It's like it never happened......and I'm still alive, so, I guess that is that......

    Good luck with yours. Sounds like you got 6 months of treatment and then back to normal too.....

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    yikes...sorry to hear about that. The birth control pill really scared me since i heard about the increased blood clot risk but this seems like overkill! Hope your pill buffet decreases swiftly!
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    Quote Originally Posted by feisty View Post

    I'm pretty sure it's from the Yaz.
    Not a MD, but that's how I got mine from BC pills.
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    Oh no fiesty. I'm sorry to hear what all you've been through.
    Bottom line they caught it! Thank you Lord Jesus!
    I don't know how to help you except pray.
    I definately do that. Sorry feisty. Believing it's over.
    No more blood clots! {hugs}

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    Thanks for the well wishes, and especially the comments from Mark- its comforting to know someone else had this happen and didn't end up on a steady regiment of pills.

    I purposefully asked my ob if there were any concerns of blood clots due to my limited mobility, especially when she put me on the Yaz- I know that there are threads in the women's only section about the bc in general, and I was pretty happy with it, unaware of what was going on internally.

    Kiran, I used to be a super light smoker (3-4 a day), I had already quit, there are no family records indicating a predisposition to clotting.

    When I went in, they thought I was having a gallbladder attack or appendix issues, but they didn't find anything via ultrasound, even though the ultrasound was pushing EXACTLY where it was hurting. Luckily I had a good doctor that ordered CT scans, and once the contrast was in, they immediately saw what was going on- Abdominal pain can be all kinds of mysterious things- so listen to your body, folks.
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    If your ob said there's no risk from yaz you may want to switch docs as it has estrogen in it.
    Here's a post I wrote on better options for us.
    you might want to peruse this too

    sorry you have to go through that Mia. I cannot imagine a calfornian having to go without avocados!
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