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Thread: brake?

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    Is there a brake for a manual chair that slows you down on hills? My son has fallen out of his chair twice going down small he refuses to wear a belt.
    Like the kind on a bike with rubber pads instead of or along with the traditional metal breaks....

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    Not that I am aware if and I'm not trying to be rude at all but not wearing a belt if he can't keep himself in the chair is asking to fall out.

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    He should see his PT and learn to wheelie, or g
    o down slopes backwards. Wearing a seat belt, just means he'll end up in a pile with the chair on top of him. Trying to undo the seatbelt when you're still strapped in with the chair on top of you is a royal pain.

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    ADI disc brakes

    You find some information that is useful to you on this thread on this forum site (Type this title into the search box):
    ADI disc brakes for wheelchair

    You might also look into this attachment called a Free Wheel.
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    yes there is a brake for that. call todd at ADI. he makes a wheelchair disc brake for slowing down and locking. great setup. i've been wanting some for awhile.

    btw, todd is a member here.

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    ADI disc brakes. They look cool and they will provide a way to control descent.

    Both brakes are controlled by one handle.

    As for not wearing a seatbelt, I don't see a problem with that provided that he learns about wheelchair design. A dump(seat angle) goes a long way toward preventing going airborne.

    In fact, a seatbelt could be more dangerous. Separating from the chair in letting the other 20 pounds keep flying usually means less injury than having it strapped to your ass in getting pinned under it in a nightmarish position.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NW-Will View Post
    ...go down slopes backwards.
    You're kidding, right?

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    He does go down our ramp at home backward and it works great. But that is not recommended when out in the world and you actually need to see where you are going. I have suggested that he traverse the slope like skiing but I am his mother injury or not and at 22 yrs old your mother's advise is not taken kindly. He does have a dump and normally has no problem but his stopping or speed control on a slope are not so great and he tends to stop abruptly on his own hit a curb or bump as a result of speed and ......wa laa on the ground. Thank god he has gotten seriously hurt on those 2 falls! Therefore I am trying to avert another fall...........
    I will check out the ADI disc breaks for sure...thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI_OTR View Post
    You're kidding, right?
    small slopes
    If you can't wheelie down the slope, and you're going to fall
    out if you go down forwards. If I'm having bad spasms I'll
    go backwards... What's the issue? it's easier than climbing
    back into your wheelchair.

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    I guess it could also depend on the type of chair and how it is set up. With most chairs, it the user has to go down backward without any handrails, if the rear wheel stops (for whatever reason) the person will flip backward. Even anti-tippers are not guaranteed to work under these circumstances (they could snap or the chair could catapult over them). The best bet on longer slopes is to zig zag to scrub off speed.

    Despite their cost, it sounds like ADI disc brakes may be very beneficial. They also look very cool.

    I totally concur with the others regarding use of a lap belt on a manual wheelchair.

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