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Thread: Grilled Garlic Butter Clams

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    Grilled Garlic Butter Clams

    I combined a little butter, EVOO, garlic, oregano, black and red pepper.

    While that was cooling, I shucked a 50 count bag of cherrystone clams. Had about 5 dead ones, so they were tossed.

    Then brushed the mixed over every clam. I know cheese is normally taboo, with seafood, but I was going to put a little parmesean cheese on top of each clam, but decided at the last minute to skip this time.

    When the grill was hot, I put 4lbs of snow crab legs on to steam while the clams cooked.

    Now it's time for the clams. Cooked indirect for 5 minutes.

    5 minutes later the clams are ready! Spritzed with a bit of fresh lemon juice.

    My plate along with the leftover Chile' Garlic Shrimp.

    And my little clam lover enjoying the clams! These were fantastic!
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    My mooths waterin! Being from the PNW I'm accustomed to lots of seafood, good job.

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