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Thread: Dc.Gearhart' work

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    Dc.Gearhart' work

    I am very interested to Dc.Gearhart' work because I think it will be suitable also for polio.I wrote him sometimes,but unsuccessfully.May I have more informations about his studies?Thanks

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    John D. Gearhart is at Johns Hopkins. I have met him. He is a very good scientist and also a wonderful lecturer. His most recent results relating to use of human embryonic stem cells to treat mice with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) have not yet been published. By the way, John D. Gearhart should not be mistakened for John P. Gearhart who is also at Johns Hopkins and a Pediatric Urologist.

    A co-author in the study is Douglas Kerr who is a neurologist and who is very approachable. In fact, our very own Sue Pendletom (of this forum) knows him well. They recently held a symposium on transverse myelitis ( ) at Johns Hopkins with Cody Unser and many others, where they spent many hours with the community.

    I am very impressed by this group at Johns Hopkins. Several people I know with spinal cord injury are being taken care of at their clinic. You can find out more about them at the Johns Hopkins web site pages



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