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Thread: 2.5 months off Baclofen (quit cold turkey in hospital)

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    Thumbs up 2.5 months off Baclofen (quit cold turkey in hospital)

    Feel better. Breath better. Which is important. Still have spasms but deal with it. The weiner is happier too. It does affect it. I'm glad I'm off it. For me baclofen caused probs.
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    yes, it can cause problems as all meds can. glad you are feeling better and guess you don't realy need it. Don't advise quitting cold turkey.

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    freebird, how long were ya taking baclofen before you quit?

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    You finally quit baclo-shit

    Quote Originally Posted by FreeBird View Post
    Feel better. Breath better. Which is important. Still have spasms but deal with it. The weiner is happier too. It does affect it. I'm glad I'm off it. For me baclofen caused probs.

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    I'm beginning to think my meds are effecting my life, or added to current issues. If I don't take my baclofen my back feels so tight I can barely breathe. Are there other options?
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    I quit cold turkey many years ago as well, something you definitely should not do. The following was sourced from this website.
    Symptoms of Withdrawal

    Symptoms of withdrawal from baclofen can vary in intensity and may include:

    • Hallucinations
    • Seizures188
    • High fever
    • Increased, "rebound" spasticity
    • Rapid breakdown of muscle tissue (which can be quite dangerous)
    • Organ failure
    • Low blood pressure189
    • Loss of life.

    When I stopped taking baclofen I didn't sleep for two nights as it felt like somebody was pulling my eyelids open, I was that awake. I did have an increase or rebound spasticity which lessened over a period of three weeks or so. My spasm eventually levelled back to the same level as when I was taking the full dose of baclofen orally.

    I have posted this before on these forums, but my friends said I had a personality transplant when I stopped taking baclofen. Apparently I became much more alert and was no longer this completely laid-back person. The only reason I decided to stop was that I wanted to be healthier and not take as many tablets so I started experimenting by stopping the tablets I was taking one by one to decide which ones I absolutely needed and in the long-run baclofen wasn't one of them.

    Even though I didn't have any serious side effects it doesn't mean that others won't, so be careful.

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    I quit too!

    I was only on 40 mg /day for the last 10 years. Found myself feeling dozy so I cut it back gradually by 10 mg x 2 weeks. I have had zero now for a month. Spasms are only slightly worse. This is outweight by feeling better.

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    im currently taking 100mg / day.. doc putt me on dantrium 25mg/day and i want to get off baclofen but scared cus the tone and spascity does interfere with my walking

    catch 22 for me
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    I have always been advised to slowly wean off of a medicine, rather than quitting it suddenly. According to my pharmacists, you are at a high risk of a stroke if you suddenly stop Baclofen, especially if you take a high dose of it.

    The only problem I have had with Baclofen is drowsiness, which can be annoying, especially if you are trying to do homework.


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    Freebird. Are you still off baclofen?

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