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I finally married my best friend and my biggest fan last Sunday on the 27th. I still can't believe it's true, but am so blessed. I have never felt for anyone the way I feel for my husband (love sayin that). I also suprised him by walking down the isle. I am a T5-6 complete. I used the parastep system to walk the isle and it worked with LOTS of practice and dedication. I will never forget the look on his handsome face as I stood up at the end of the isle to walk to him. All I kept thinking was I can't believe this is happening and oh my god this is happening! I was so excited and he was speechless
I thought I would just announce my marriage as I am on my honeymoon in the US Virgin Islands enjoying married life..
I will post the video as soon I get it from my videographer!
What an awesome story! Kudo's to you for the hard work and surprising you very lucky husband!!!! Congrats on the marriage,that's awesoe!