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    just wanted to introduce myself im Elena i was in a car accident when i was 12 my step dad fell asleep while driving and hit a pole i was in the back of the pick-up truck and was thrown out and broke my back so im a T-4 complete paraplegic.
    i was looking something up on bing and it brought me to this and i found it pretty interesting theres alot of helpful information on here.I like how everyone is'nt embarrassed to talk about personal things you have to go through.i dont kno anyone that has sci so it would be nice to talk to someone that has to go through similar things i do and get advice on things my friends and family can't and just dont understand.
    so just wanted to say that and would really like to get to kno yous better.

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    Welcome to Care Cure and sorry at the same time that you had to find us. Yes there is nothing that you need to be embarrassed about asking here, someone or everyone has gone through it at one time or another.
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    Hey Elana!
    Welcome! I'm kinda new(ish) here myself, T4 in GA. I have found tons of good advice on here.

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    Hi and welcome Elana. I'm T5. Feel free to ask anything, we've all been there - and someone will have an answer or a suggestion for almost anything you might need. The SCI Nurses are a great resource. You'll find more helpful and useful information about sci here than anywhere else, I guarantee it.

    Glad you found CC
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    Greetings Elana!

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    hi! i'm a C5 - 8, T2&3 incomplete quad + tbi. sci for 25yrs. this place is great for info and nice to see ppl my age that are going thru similar stuff and learning new tricks and tips along the way!
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    yea i'm pretty new myself. i'm a c6-c7 quad and not shy at all but after all we have been through how can we. the is a lot of good info here and good people to. best of luck to you.
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    Welcome Elana! Glad you found us.

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    Hi and welcome!

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