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Thread: My Garden

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    My Garden

    Well, if you want to call it a's not doing too well, but it's not dead yet!

    Here's my little garden area. I did the bricks as well, not a perfect job, but very gratifying......doing it myself! I actually did the bricks several years ago for a big BBQ pit that I've since gotten rid of!

    Tomato plants.

    Cucumber plants.

    The flower beds I built a couple months ago.....the begonias are not doing great either...

    And of course, while I was weeding and had the hose out, Cathryn and Otis wanted in on the fun. This was this past weekend.

    And of course, I got sprayed too!
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    Looks like you enjoyed your day.

    I too planted a garden and it's not doing that well. I guess we need to spend more time talking to the plants. It's still green so maybe there's still hope.
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    There is still hope when they're green!! You might try a little fertilizer since they need food too.

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    I always like your pictures!

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    thats pretty cool! i have a garden myself but one thing i could never figure out how to do is how to plant my plants or pick anything when its ready, how do you do yours?

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    It's the end of the season in Virgina isn't it?

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