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    ok. i have posted several times over the past few days. i have been reading the posts here off and on for the past two years since i fouled up my back. not much of a tech guy, very rocks and sticks. i guess i am saying hi to the community, or something like that. i have some strange ideas about things, but i never make so bold as to assume that i have any idea whats going on, with us, or anyone else. so here i am. a t12 burst with a bit of a shake up at 10 and 11. i never found a guy with a white coat who would give me a full diagnoses, as far as asia scores go, but i figure myself to be a high end b. i have a lot i would love to share, if there is anyone who would like to share back. this is an uncharted forest, and those of us who wander beneath its canopy should be forthcoming with experiential knowledge(or at least i feel this to be the case). lets get to know each other. unless, of course, i should have filed this under a different heading, in which case, i appologize.

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    Welcome to Care Cure, and by all means start posting so we can get to know you and you us.

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    Welcome. Yea, guys in white coats are just shady like that though.

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    Hello and welcome, someguy.

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    Hi someguy
    nice to meet you
    I am Gypsylady
    No matter what level or type of disease / ailment pertaining to back injury someone has Care Cure Community is a great forum to interact and read / learn all sorts of things . What a wealth of knowledge and nice members here .
    keep smiling
    have a good day
    Sincerely ;

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    Hi and welcome. This is the best website on the Web for those with spinal cord injuries and related problems.

    Glad you found us
    Please donate a dollar a day at
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