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Thread: Lesnar/Carwin

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    Quote Originally Posted by antiquity View Post
    Do you watch Strike Force? Did you catch the Fedor/Werdun fight? I really wanted Smith to beat Kung Lee but I knew he'd lose the rematch. He's so inconsistent. Ugh.
    Yeah I watch Strikeforce. Fedor/Werdum was nuts. I can't believe
    how careless Fedor was in Werdum's guard.

    I'm not a Le or Smith fan, but I wasn't surprised how quickly Le
    finished him. Le was winning their first fight until he got caught
    late in the 3rd. I think Smith's next opponent should be Cristiane
    'Cyborg' Santos.

    Wanderlei and Leben are 50/50 in my opinion. I really hope that
    that fight happens, but Wandy is probably out for a year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by antiquity View Post

    I've hated Leben since season 1. It was the pissing on that other dudes bed that turned me off. I was glad when Bisping and Anderson gave him a beat down. Plus he tested positive for roids...lame. I do think he'll beat Vanderlei but that's not saying much. Vandy isn't the contender he used to be.
    Ya, I remember Leben pissing on somebody's bed too....really a cowardly dickhead move. However, when I was 19 and leaving my second apartment I took a shit in my landlords garment bag in the attic we shared. I unzipped it, squatted, and extruded an awful smelling pile of shit right in the bottom of his garment bag that had winter coats in it and zipped it back up. He was a real asshole to us thoughout the whole lease....I wish I could have shit more.

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