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    Shirataki Noodles! - MUST TRY

    What I'm about to tell you may change your life forever! Okay, maybe not but I love them that much :-)

    Shirataki noodles, non-tofu version, are a Japanese noodle that have almost 0 calories, 0 carbohydrates, and 0 fat. The carbohydrates it does have are healthy soluble fiber. I also saw them on Rachel Ray not long ago as one of the foods you must try.

    They work AWESOME in any Asian dish. I have been eating them all lots lately as I get trim for my wedding in August. They are so filling it is incredible. They've been around for hundreds of years and I just discovered them!

    It's very difficult to get the non-tofu version off-line, unless you are in Japan. I have been using one website to get mine, but they are available from many online Asian food stores.

    You can find out more below (which is where I get mine). This company tried to capitalize on the US market, hence the name... look for the Angel hair variety.

    There is a catch and the reason why they're not as popular as they should be. They are packaged in water (they are made up of a Japanese root vegetable 3%, and 97% water) and have a fishy smell to them upon opening. You just have to rinse them. I believe it is the lime use during the process of making them or something that causes the smell; no fish were involved. After rinsing water solution away, the smell is gone.

    My favorite dish to make at the moment is Pad Thai.

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