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Thread: varalite zoid cushion

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    varalite zoid cushion

    just got a varalite cushion for my new handcycle anyone ever use one do you like it what kind of cushion do you use on your handcycle andy at bikeon recomended it he said he usesone on his chair and bike
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    i use a supracor sport rep
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    I've used the zoid the past 3 years and have liked it much better then my previous cushions. It's very light, low profile and low maintenance. My only qualm with it has been the air valve right on the front corner where ya want ot put your hand down to transfer. The valve did come out on me after a year and a half or so and I just kept gluing it back in. A few months ago the valve completely broke in half, I called them to see what I could get done about it and then sent me a new valve along with some stuff that you melt in boiling water and then use as the glue and so far it's worked great.

    I'd recommend it, however I am trying a supracor on my next chair.
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