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Thread: Finally, friends, finally...

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    V, in some things, politics doesn't apply.

    This is one of them.

    Good luck.
    And the truth shall set you free.

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    gotta heal your body to have a peaceful mind. get yourself well v
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    Well, hell.

    Kick it, v. Fingers crossed, toes crossed, eyes crossed, everything crossed for your recovery.

    You can do it, and here's hoping you will. Everyone is pulling for you, especially me.

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    Hey buddy, if you've read anything I've gone through lately, you'll know that I just went through getting a sore repaired. It sounds to me like you might want to check out another doctor. Your doctor should've checked on that long before surgery. My doctor had me checked out a long time ago when nothing was helping it heal and we never would've done surgery without checking it. They did find a little bit and removed it during surgery. Good luck.
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