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Thread: Foley balloon size question for SCI nurse

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    Foley balloon size question for SCI nurse

    I am a male C7 incomplete SCI using IC for bladder management. I use size 16 fr caths and cath approximately every 4-5 hours depending my fluid intake. My current bladder capacity is 400-450cc (from a recent urodynamic study) and I use no anticholenergic drugs. My question is, to make airline travel easier on longer trips without changing planes I would like to use a foley cath connected to a leg bag. What size balloon do I use and how much saline should be injected into the balloon? How long can I leave the foley in?
    I feel this approach would be better and safer than depriving myself of fluids on longer flights since I prefer not cathing myself in the plane. It would also allow me to take longer flights and not using stop overs to cath. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    get the 16 fr with 5 cc balloon and fill it up with 8-10 ccs.
    You can keep it in for as long as you need, just don't keep it in too long ( a week or two shouldn't hurt)but your bladder will begin to shrink and you have a good caacity(ucky you! and the chance for infection does increase with an indwelling so I would remove it when you get settled where you are going.
    Have a nice trip.


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