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Thread: My boy is home from Afghanistan!

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    My boy is home from Afghanistan!

    Whoo Hooo, My boy came home today! The local news was there, surprise to us. I sounded like a frog for it was hard to hold back tears, I cried through out the interview. But heres us, Grandma me and his sister waiting, and finally the kid came to us. Can you believe, he took so long to get to us for he stopped to use the bathroom, thats my son Billy for ya.
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    Stay safe my son. See you around thanksgiving!

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    What good news Robyn, your boy is home. Enjoy the precious time you have with him.

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    I'm so glad that he is home safe and sound! I can only imagine your excitement and relief. May you and your family, and your son enjoy wonderful days ahead and out of the way of harm!

    Also thank you so much to your son and all fellow military men and women for all of their work and sacrifice to their country!!

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    Trully wonderful....very emotional I can see from the footage, I"m so glad you got him home safe and sound.

    Btw - according to the newspaper article your name is spelled Robin, so you might want to get it right in future, you've clearly been misspelling it all these years

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    I'm very happy for your family!

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    Congratulations to you and thanks to your son for his service. It's a shame though he will be returning so soon. It seems like it's going to be a never-ending war.

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    That's great Robyn. Too bad the turnaround is so quick, but I understand why. At least you'll have a couple of weeks to spend with your son. You did well in the interview, and you have a great looking family. Enjoy the next couple of weeks!
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    Great news Robyn. Enjoy your time together!

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    You did good mom, and I know the mixed feelings of pride and relief seeing your son return from a dangerous situation. Your time is short make it count. I am thinking about you and all our sons and daughters in harms way.
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    Have a great couple of weeks.

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