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Thread: My boy is home from Afghanistan!

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    Wow, he's just a kid.

    Thanks to Billy and your family.

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    Don't tell him that, Jim, ha!

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    Robyn, you and your children are truly an inspiration. How courageous all 3 of you have been. Thanks for sharing the video, I loved watching your son wave to the camera as he pushed his little sister. You are an amazing mom!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robynbird569 View Post
    Whoo Hooo, My boy came home today! The local news was there, surprise to us. I sounded like a frog for it was hard to hold back tears, I cried through out the interview. But heres us, Grandma me and his sister waiting, and finally the kid came to us. Can you believe, he took so long to get to us for he stopped to use the bathroom, thats my son Billy for ya.
    great news, glad he's back, and glad he makes you and us proud
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    congratulations to you all!
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    Absolutely great news, best news I've heard lately, your boy is home!

    You Schotts aren't related to the Schotts of Paradise, California, are you?

    At any rate, congratulations on your son's return! Now, let's bring 'em ALL home, ASAP...

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    Glad and thankful your son made it home to you. I thank him for his service.

    May this be a most wonderful time to reconnect for all of you!

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    I totally bawled watching that news clip. I can't imagine that kind of sacrifice. Thank you to your whole family and have a wonderful time together.

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    Haven't had time to read this thread, but I will...

    From reading the headlines...that's GREAT!

    Take care all!


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    Great and wonderful news!!!!

    Give him a big hug and tell him thank you for serving our county....

    Enjoy your visit!
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