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Thread: Research News Forum: Name of Hospital in Israel

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    Research News Forum: Name of Hospital in Israel

    This is a posting from AdonisMD in the Research News Forum 24 July 2001:

    I am interested to have news about SCI.

    I will like also to ask Dr.Wise to tell me
    the Name of the Hospital in Israel for
    SCI treatment.

    Thank you......

    AdonisMD, the name of the Israel hospital that is carrying out the Proneuron trial to transplant activated macrophages into the spinal cord is:

    Chaim Sheba Medical Center
    Located in:
    Tel-Hashomer, Israel, 52621
    Telephone: 972-3-5302650
    Fax: 972-3-5344159

    The doctor in charge of the trial is Dr. Nachshon Knoller, Senior Neurosurgeon


  2. #2 Fri, 6 Jul 2001 -- Nearly a quarter-million Americans have been paralyzed by severe spinal cord injuries. NBC's Roger O'Neil reports on an astonishing new treatment. About Melissa Holley

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