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Thread: Hard nerve pain

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    Hard nerve pain


    I have hard nerve pain after having 2 ADR operations and a fusion operation.
    Could you please help me treat my nerve pain ?
    If not - can you please recommand on a specialist you know of ?
    More details about my story:

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    At this point you don't really know if you have nerve injury pain or normal pain. Typically, the pain after disc fusions is mechanical or normal musculoskeletal pain. This occurs because discs above and below the fusion cannot bear the load, give way, and nerve compression occurs or rubbing of the bone facets in back of the vertebral bodies (see an anatomy text of the cervical spine for cervical facets). The mechanical pain has no treatment at present to CURE it, however, it is much easier to relieve than nerve injury pain. There should be some pain specialist who can help you find a narcotic or other drug to relieve the pain. You must find a good pillow, typically a thinner one than usual so your head is in straight alignment, neither bent one way or the other. If you are in a small town, an ongoing relation with your local doc may lead to his feeling comfortable giving drugs, although remember his license is at risk, so you will not be working with someone who is totally free to help you. If you are in a big city, try to find a pain clinic which actually dispenses meds and doesn't just diagnose. Best of luck

    P.S. Be careful of additional surgeries. They may relieve pain for a time, only to cause more severe pain in the future as there are fewer discs to bear the load of the head. You do not say where the fusion was, so if it was lower down, more or less the same principles apply. Get a proper chair, use cushions, etc.

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    Melissa, does sound mechanical, sorry. Avoid surgeries as noted and there are sooo many options for meds, try them all in minimal doses to find the one best suited. may take a year but worth it if you find the right one.

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    Hard nerve pain

    According to your responses, it seems that you probably did not read my story. The injury is in c5/6 and a damage to the nerve has been proven !
    I still hope to get some advice from someone in this forum about a good specialist for nerve pain.

    Please help me find such a specialist (worldwide).


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    Hello, Melissa.
    The responses you got were the best there can be considering the information available. There are few foolhardy ones here who will open an unknown web address - we are inundated with spammers and sometimes virus spreaders here, and there's no way to distinguish them from the legitimate people.
    If you are for real, and there's no indication you are not, please tell us the details on the forums here, including your general location and what's been tried so far, and you will readily get more specific responses. There are many good pain specialists around.
    - Richard

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