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Thread: The effect of hope

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    My issue is MS, but I am almost certain that I would have fared better if my doctors had not been so pessimistic from the get-go. MS is chronic and progressive, but even so, many patients could preserve mobility for longer periods of time if they were encouraged to start gait training and specialized physical therapy soon after diagnosis (assuming that such expertise is available, which it often isn't). Empty promises set people up for disappointment, but simple encouragement to see what's possible - and to plan intelligently for whatever comes - can give the patient a vital edge. Body and mind need space to maneuver, at a reasonable distance from the compressive effect of a nocebo.

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    Hope is always a weapon to make us improve. Not only in SCI but in every aspect of life.
    Evolution is fueled by hope.
    -Ramps in buildings are necessary, but it would be usefull to have another ones for people (mind/heart).....

    -Hoc non pereo habebo fortior me

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    Hope is where the newly injured want to hide from the harshness of the reality they face.

    Hope is what will keep people from making the best of what they are still blessed with while they wait for SCI to improve.

    Hope is something that people faced with a potentially life destroying change of circumstance cannot afford. At least not at first.

    My rehab practitioners gave me no hope, they gave me the skills to carry on with life and the knowledge that I'm still capable of big things. I thank them very much.

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