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Thread: My van caught fire....everyone get a fire extinguisher for your vehicle!

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    Thank goodness you and the kids were ok, glad to know vi was able to run for help, even if you did manage to get out w/o it.
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    That's crappy Emi, FWIW I know Sidewinder in Chilliwack has actual mechanics on staff & I believe Can Am in Kelowna does as well. But I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about Can Am.

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    Thank God you & the kids are okay. You had to be really scared.
    I hope you take it to them.

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    Considering how hot vehicles get when parked in the sun, is it safe to keep extinguishers in them?

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    Shew! I'm glad you & the girls got out! It sounds like you need a different business to fix their mess for sure. I'd sue too, even if it just gets them fined so they pay more attention the next time or learn how to do it.

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    So my vehicle is on its way to a automotive electronic mechanic, hopefully he can determine the cause of the fire. Must be something to do wit modifications as we have never done anything electric to the van except hooking up lights for a trailer. And a car starter.
    I continue to be thankful the fire was so small, what a giant pain it has been to get it looked at/fixed.
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    So apparently when the floor was lowered the wiring harness was installed too close to the floor and it rubbed/wore until a ground/live touched and caused the fire.... repairable and not at our expense thank goodness.
    the more I think about it I realize how bad it could have been. Never mind that the Dock n Lock shouldn't have released while the van was running (the van wouldn't shut off), if the van had caught fire at our house it would have likely been a total loss as we live outside the fire protection zone (20 minutes from a fire hall) and could have even caught the house on fire as I park in a carport....
    I am waiting for a call from my lawyer.
    Emily, C-8 sensory incomplete mom to a 8 year old and a preschooler. TEN! years post.

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    You were amazingly fortunate for sure! I hope it isn't going back to the same mod shop though.

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