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Thread: My van caught fire....everyone get a fire extinguisher for your vehicle!

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    my biggest fear since paralyzed: locked down in vehicle fire or in bed during house fire. tg you're ok.

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    omg! thank goodness ur ok. i'd get a lawyer on it asap!! so glad that the ppl who did my mods are the best of the best in new york state hands down. but still a good idea for the fire extinguisher!
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    I am glad youre ok who ever wired your vehicle was incompetent and definitely they are responsible for this fire. Fire is scary especially when it is under your steering column etc... That's so scary Emi2 may I suggest go hire a good attny .
    In my van I agree always carry Fire Extinguishers 2 or more .

    This vehicle fire stuff has me bugged out ..
    Tomorrow i'll be looking in my van for scary things because I am scared to Death of Fire .
    I am sooo Glad you are alive
    God Bless you

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    Oh no, I am glad all of you are ok. That is scary.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    I bet it would be inadequate wiring as you suggested. You would do us all a service if you sued them out of this business. There are too many scammers and incompetents doing this work. Here in Michigan we had a large modifier who was taking money from customers for vans but never paying Ford. After the vans were modified the disabled users were approached by the actual owners of the vans requesting 2nd payment. This has happened elsewhere as well. Glad you survived this comany's incompetence, This has to be a cause of great anxiety in your kids not to mention you.

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    Wow, that must have been terrifying! So glad you got out OK, but bummer about the van.

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    Thank goodness you and your girls are okay. What just happened scares me for you and them.

    Fire extinguishers are great to have in your vehicle, but don't stay in the vehicle using one instead of getting yourself and evreyone else out. What you see of a vehicle fire while inside the car/van/truck is almost always small compared to what is actually on fire.

    Ditto for seeing and smelling smoke, but not seeing any flames. Get yourself and your passengers out, get help, then, consdier using the extinguisher if you can do so from a safe distance. If there is smoke billowing from under the hood, raising that hood could cause a flashover, seriously burning you. Resist the urge until the pros are there to do it.

    Get yourself and any passengers out, call emergency services and then, use an extingusher from outside the vehicle.

    When buying an extinguisher, make sure it is rated for what you may one day need. Get it checked and re-filled annually. If it is disposable, replace it annually or as often as recommended by the manufacturer. Extinguishers are not good for life once filled and need to be maintained.

    Hope the techs who messed up your van pay for the damage and a loaner vehicle in the interim while yours is being repaired.

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    Thanks everyone! I was/am strangly calm...just thankful the kids and I are OK. Thank God we got out and the fire department came so quick. The fire stayed very small....I don't think it will be too hard/costly to fix but I am surely not getting the same company to fix it. And even though my insurance will cover the cost. We will certainly be sueing or whatever it takes to make sure the company can't do this to anyone else.
    And it really sucks that I've been without my van for a month, just got it back, and now I'll be without it for who knows how long. I wish a loaner vehicle was an option but its not - one of the disadvantages of living in the back of beyond....
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    So sorry to hear about the fire and so glad that you are okay.

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    Thank God you guys are okay. I've never sued anyone in my life, but I'd consider it in your circumstances.

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