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Thread: My van caught fire....everyone get a fire extinguisher for your vehicle!

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    My van caught fire....everyone get a fire extinguisher for your vehicle!

    I just had my van remodified so that I could drive from my chair, apparently the cheap/incompetent/careless installers at the medical supply place wired the lock down or something wrong, maybe not heavy enough wiring.... anyhow, it shorted out, smoke and flames down under the steering wheel - the lock down didn't want to release me - Violet tried ... to manually release me and couldn't so she ran to get help, but then I did get unlatched and got Hazel unbuckled...and got out. The firemen came and put the fire out.
    It seems the company has done a lot wrong, the passenger seat doesn't latch in place, the seatbelt doesn't buckle on the drivers side, the passenger door sticks....never using PG Surg Med again, they ned to be seriously reprimanded for putting my life and my kids life in danger.
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    OMG, so glad to hear you and the girls are ok, but my goodness, such a close call. I would be making some not so nice phone calls first thing Monday morning. And to think I though our van place was incompetent but they aren't that bad.

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    as an automotive mechanic pre-sci this sickens me. Wiring is one place they should not be cutting corners or letting incompetent/inexperience people do the work. These medical places that modify vehicles charge top dollar and I constantly hear about inoperative lifts, slow service and just plain bad workmanship. You'd hope these people would take pride in their work because they help us "less fortunate" (and make good money doing it) but that clearly is not the case.

    I'm new to a chair (10 months post) and the only time I used a vendor was to purchase my first chair and swap pieces off the brand new TiLite they ordered me onto the loaner TiLite they let me use for free while they sat on my order form. When I got home I transferred by pushing on the far wheel of my chair (poor technique, I know) and the axle popped out and the wheel almost fell off. I will never ever use a vendor again, I do all my own maintenance (so far only manual chair) everything gets ordered on-line and when I modify a car my competent friends that work on vehicles will do all the work. I found a cheap alternative to a full-size or highly modified mini-van with a lift -
    No dismantling or driving from my chair. No drilling holes and parts are about $7k.
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    I am so so glad you and the kids are safe. Violet is such a wonderful big girl to do that.

    I would pursue this vendor for damages if possible. That is very dangerous.
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    Amen, Daisy! This is negligence, unsafe actions, faulty materials, bad workmanship, not to mention plus the endangerment of all of your lives plus everyone else on the road....grrrrrrrrrr!!! Glad y'all are ok!!!

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    Emi is right. A fire extinguisher in every car! I've seen how fast cars can go up in flames and the speed at which they do so is frightening. It onlytakes seconds and the whole thing is involved what with all of the volatile fluids (brake fluid on a hot brake when changing a tire for example, Ive seen it) that are in the vehicle.

    Glad that you and the fmily are all right. You were lucky to have your little hero there!
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    Oh Emi I am glad you are ok and sorry you are out of a vehicle. My truck burned due to faulty installation of a turny seat. It was really unfair. Did you have the equipment insured?
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    That is very good advice and something I had not thought of. I would not be able to get Dave out of the van quickly.
    Glad everyone is OK.

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    Glad you're okay! That must've been scary.

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    Great advice on the fire extinguisher. So glad you're okay.

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