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Thread: Neuropathy Still A Mystery

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    Neuropathy Still A Mystery

    Neuropathy Still A Mystery
    It's estimated that more than 20 million Americans suffer from a sometimes crippling condition called peripheral neuropathy, yet few people have ever heard of it.

    Mary Ann Donovan's right calf went from curved to straight, seemingly overnight. Her legs felt heavy and her walk got wobbly. Doctor after doctor was baffled.

    Years went by and she became progressively weaker. Finally, Dr. Norman Latov diagnosed peripheral neuropathy. It was not something she had to live with, not all in her head.

    Peripheral neuropathy is damage to the nerves that lead from the spinal cord to the muscles, skin and organs. It has many causes and commonly produces numbness, weakness and pain, mostly in the hands and feet.

    Treatment can ease symptoms, even stop the disease, especially if it's caught early.

    "It's easier to stop progression than to recover function. The nerves have a limited capacity to regenerate so the more you start out with, the more you have at the end," Latov said.

    But neuropathies often go unrecognized. That's why Donovan and others formed the Neuropathy Association to support patients, raise awareness and promote research.

    Today, medication and exercise help Donovan's nerves act up less and her experience helps others.

    How you get neuropathy is not always clear. It can develop quickly or over years with symptoms from mild to severe.

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    Hello Antiquity,
    I am afflicted with neuropathy since last five/six years. (Detected). It is on account of uncontrolled diabetes. I had lot of burning in soles, specially at night. I could not walk with normal footwears. I had to get special footwears with very soft insole and eggcrate designed insole for normal wear. I used to apply different kind of ointments. But since more than a year I was prescribed Pregabalin (Lyrica) capsules which has reduced burning and pain but neuropathy is not cured.
    Since how long Mary is suffering? What is the caused?. What medecine she has tried?
    I think we need to start new forum for neuropathy. K.N.Motta.

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