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Thread: My new ultralight wheelchair: Oracing F2V

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    that's what i was thinking to do whit the Plexiglas far as the spinergys this is my first pr i don't like the look of the spox,that's why i went whit the lx also i think the specs are for one wheel so if you have to is 500 pound is like when you by a jack that said one ton or two you are not lifting the hole car just one tire at a time? it took a long time for me to get this wheels the insurance never wanted to pay for them so i both this out of my on pocket and I'm not working anymore so it will be a while before i can spend that kind of $$

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    hi toto thank for the reply .i was thinking of doing that to my wheelchair but i was going to use Plexiglas and cut some holes on it to take some weight off ,i don't know if is going to hold me i weigh close to 280-300 pound so that why i have not done it keep it up do is nice to see someone else is also thinking and fixing there chair all the time ,i just put lx spinergys and new caster on mine nice ride.

    Plexiglass will probably crack. You might try Lexan or UHMW. The UHMW would tear slowly before it broke. Its what they make all the bits on saturday night race cars out of: front grills, mud flaps. You can pick it up at race shops, by the foot, so its pretty cheap.

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    hi balfatdad i will keep that in mind thank you for you input

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