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Thread: Anti-abortion group slams Langevin for stem cell stance

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    Anti-abortion group slams Langevin for stem cell stance

    Anti-abortion group slams Langevin for stem cell stance
    By Ken Maguire, Associated Press, 7/24/2001 19:05
    PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) A leading anti-abortion group in Rhode Island said Tuesday it was ''betrayed'' by Rep. James Langevin's support of using human embryos for medical research.

    Langevin said he believes embryos could unlock the cures for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, diabetes and spinal cord injuries.

    ''This may be a bitter pill for many to swallow but supporting the killing of embryos is not a pro-life position,'' Dona J. LeBoeuf, executive director of the state Right to Life Committee, said in a prepared statement.

    Langevin, a freshman Democrat, said Monday his anti-abortion position would not be compromised by supporting a National Institutes of Health proposal calling for federal funding of studies with embryonic stem cells that have been extracted by privately funded researchers.

    LeBoeuf said her group backed Langevin's candidacy, adding that members of the group contributed financially and ran a phone bank for him during the primary election.

    ''In light of the fact that we endorsed and strongly supported Mr. Langevin as a pro-life candidate ... we feel betrayed by his position,'' LeBoeuf said.

    The organization said it would hold a news conference on Langevin's stance Wednesday in Providence.

    Langevin sent a letter to President Bush urging him to support federal funding for the NIH recommendation. Bush has delayed funding while he reviews the policy.

    Langevin, in a wheelchair since he was paralyzed at age 16, called it ''one of the most difficult decisions I have ever faced'' because of his strong anti-abortion beliefs.

    On Tuesday, he said he was ''disappointed'' by the Right to Life Committee's statement, ''but on this issue we disagree. I'm sure that we'll be talking in the near future.''

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    Good for him. That position took courage. Wise.

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    Perhaps if the people from this group

    were SCI, they would feel differently on the Subject.

    Langevin has done an outstanding Job though, he use to be the Treasurer here in Rhode Island and has since become a Rep. I believe he is a C-4, was shot in the neck at 16 while in Training to go into the law enforcement field, an Officers gun accidently discharged.

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