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Thread: Are these real "hot flashes" or something else?

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    Are these real "hot flashes" or something else?

    The following is a copy of a PM I sent to SCI Nurse. In the reply it was brought to my attention that I should place this on the care thread and see if others had suggestions or advice. Here is the PM.
    I have an odd question. Ever since my injury, I have been experiencing what I can only describe as "hot flashes" like when a woman goes through menopause. I am a woman but I am only 28 and know that I am not going through that . It is also a little odd since I am a T11-12 and I don't think that my thermal reg system should have been effected. What could be causing these extreme hot flashes? Sometimes they are so bad that I become so weak that I feel like I might faint.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    I don't think it is a thyroid problem because I get my thyroid tested every three months due to being diabetic. My normal temp is usually 97.4-97.6. When I have these "episodes" It raises to around 98.2-98.4. Any advice is greatly welcomed and appreciated.

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    hmmm i never take my temperature to see if it is actually raising, but i experience hot flashes like you describe whenever i turn to my other side in bed. My face will also get red and hasn't been anything that i couldnt fix with a fan or cool cloth. I never figured out it's exact cause. Sorry no advice really just that i understand!
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    It happens too me when I lay down flat in the bed and I have to pee. When I had the UTI for 8 month it was terrible but now when it is gone, it happens when I feel the urge.
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    Hi Becky

    You are exactly at mine and Bente's injury level. It almost feels like AD but as you know we are too low to experience AD.

    I have experienced this. Usually like Bente said, there is something going on like a UTI or in the early years when I was struggling with my Bowels. I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and when I was having an episode, I would have these hot flashes like you describe.

    I also can get these when I am exhausted or fatigued. I have had them to the severity that sweat beads actually pop out on my forehead. I am really weak afterwards too.

    At first, I thought it was my blood sugar dropping and all the other stuff that runs through our minds LOL

    However, I have been doing this for years and it almost signals something is wrong whether it be UTI, IBS, or just plain over doing myself.

    It is almost like it is some form of lower injury AD or something....just another joy of this stupid SCI.

    (((hugs to you)))
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    By chance, are you taking any meds / vitamins with niacin (B3) in it? It's also added to many foods we eat:
    Niacin is known to cause 'flushing' which feels like a hot-flash.
    I'm taking a B mulitvitamin and I get those a lot-----after searching why, I found out that's what was causing it.
    If not, hope you find the cause to stop it!
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    DD, I have it sometimes after bowels too when it comes out too quickly. I didn't think of that before you wrote it. I irrigate with water and sometimes I empty in a minute and then I sweat and feel bad for a while. And it happens if I have an accident. I didn't put those two things together. Thank you for telling me.
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    Hi Becky, I also recognise these 'hot flashes' though my injury is C456. Ever since my accident (now 10 years ago) I've had 'em about 2-3 times a year. Feeling really, really weak also, almost not being able to talk anymore and almost fainting too but blood pressure is fine. I might have eaten or not, morning or evening, hot or cold weather, full or empty bladder. No doctor has been able to give me an explanation either. Would love to know the explanation if you find it.

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    I am a T-12 and I get this too!!

    I think my temperature system is messed up. I work in an air conditioned office and I'd say about 1/5 days, I sweat like a pig. Sometimes I soak my sheets at night with sweat like someone poured a glass of water on them. IMO, it is a form of T-12 AD. It's definately a signal that something is wrong and usually means that I have to cath or manage bowels ahead of normal schedule. Sometimes I have it when I really strain my back and it kills with pain but that is more rare. Once I take care of the right issue, it goes away within about 1 hr. NOTE: I DO NOT HAVE A UTI. This has nothing to do with UTIs.

    Anyone else get this? Are you near the T-12 area?
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    I was like that when I had the UTI I couldn't get rid of. Happened every day and night for months when I was in bed. My temperatur system is for sure messed up, I am always cold inside except in the summer.
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    Hot flashes- but in SCI the official word is "dysautonomia"- actually brain injury and others get it also.

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