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Thread: Aquila - Airpulse Cushion Users

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    Aquila - Airpulse Cushion Users

    Hey People -
    New to this forum and am a T7 incomplete para post 24 yrs. Have now my first pressure sore that is stage 3. I found this website and this cushion looks like I could use so that I can still work while trying to heal, but want to contact actual users. It would be great if you were from MI so I could possibly see myself.

    I don't really trust "testimonials" since you can't verify!

    Someone has to be out there that knows someone that has one of these...

    Let me know!


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    It didn't work at all for me, I'm back on Rohos.

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    I own an airpulse pk and I think it is awesome. I tried other powered cushions and nothing out there compares to the airpulse. It really does work! They make the cushion specifically for the individual with custom methods for specific cells under a sore. the power unit is adjustable too. I like the fact that if there was ever a leak the cushion will alarm immediately. This is super important. They are really helpful too if you have questions. I tried a cushion before i purchased through their demo program. That might be the best route.

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