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    Here is a house I just finished designing and drafting!

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    More Pictures

    If anyone needs a house drawn please contact me.

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    Very nice!! I love the huge porch on it.

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    Oooh I like!
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    Sweet! I like the porch and patio areas esp. Does your CAD output a top down floor plan?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CowboyCrip View Post
    Sweet! I like the porch and patio areas esp. Does your CAD output a top down floor plan?
    Yeah I draw everything in 2D as a set of blueprints but the program I use allows you to see it in 3D as you draw it. It's really neat. I built houses from the ground up before I was hurt and this program alow me to do it from my chair now! I love it. I just need more work. Here's the plan view in jpeg. It uses bld. and dwg files
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    There are more pictures on my Facebook of Bank's, Dr. Office's, Part's Store and houses I've done. Plus my handicap house with my ramp to the basement if anyone is interested to see them. I can save you money if your planning to build a new house.

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    Great job Tigger, nice work.

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    Where's the ramp? All I see are steps.
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