I met Dr. Arvanian back at W2W 2013, and maintained contact with him for a while after that. He was hoping to do some human work at the facility where I worked, but the VA didn't approve it being done. It was one of the many frustrations I had that led me to pursuing my own PhD. He has an impressive body of scientific work and he is definitely in it to cure SCI more than anything else.
invalid, given that you seem to be a good judge of character, since you got that impression of Dr. Arvanian, where does the hostility towards Dr. Young come from? When have you met and spoke with him in person? What evidence do you actually have that he doesn't "just do things for sci population with sincere wish to see the results." You don't think Dr. Young is in this to help people? Why? I visited his lab and spoke with him more times than I can count, and my experience was always similar to what Moe described. To say he is a "dealer more than a laboratory man" and a "cheater", and to imply that he is not in it to cure SCI above all else is unfair and as far as I can see, completely unfounded.