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Not sure if I'm posting right since it's my first. I had decompression laminectomy with anterior discectomy/fusion at C 5-6 and C 6-7 about 10 months ago. I have a small area of signal change/myelomalacia in the center of my posterior cord at C5. Could this cause numbness in my toes and/or neuropathic pain in my arms/hands (it particularly affects my index fingers)? My neurologist cannot explain these things. Many blood tests were normal. Repeat MRI shows moderate stenosis at the two levels above the surgery now.

The gray matter in the C5 spinal cord is responsible innervating for the biceps and sensation in the upper arms (lateral surface). The C6 spinal cord innervates the medial (thumb) side of your hand. It is likely that compression of your C6 root by a disc is responsible for the numbness and neuropathic pain in your index fingers. I attach the dermatomal map for the arms. The numberness in your toes may be due to either injury to your spinal cord long tracts or another disc affecting S1.