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Thread: Pressure Sore - Butt Crack?

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    Pressure Sore - Butt Crack?

    Hello, long time lurker here, first time poster. I have a pressure sore question... My son (age 22) is about a year out from his injury and I think he may have developed a pressure sore that goes about the whole length of his butt crack and maybe all around his anus. I really don't have a lot of faith in his doctor - I don't think he is too experienced with SCI or with sores. We did see a wound nurse at his rehab hospital, but again - it seemed like he didn't know what he was talking about as he kept changing his mind about what it was. Some docs/nurses have said it's definitely a pressure sore, while others think it may be a fungus or bacteria. I'm not sure what else to do at this point... There is another wound center, but I've been told they won't see him unless he has an open wound. If I post a couple of pictures here, would it be possible to get some advice from either the SCI nurses or others who have had sores in this area? Do you think it's a pressure sore? Should he stay off of it, or can he be up as long as he is religious about doing pressure releases? Is there anything I should apply to it?

    Worried Mom

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    Yes you can definitely post pictures, which will help alot. It is quite rare to have a pressure sore that goes the whole length of the but crack, but I suppose it is possible. Is the skin open? Or is it a rash-type sore that's closed? Does it extend over any bony prominence? tail bone?
    For now, I would keep it clean by washing it daily. Unless I know if it is open, it is hard to say waht type or dressing if any to use.


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    Thanks so much for your quick reply. I have attached a picture from today (the one that is looking worse - much more redness) and from a couple of weeks ago when I started getting concerned. When I first noticed some redness, I began applying Optase - recommended by the wound nurse - but I have stopped that the last few days and it seems to be drying out more. I read that sometimes it looks worse when it's actually "getting better" - is this true? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'd try an antifungal powder - if that's it, it would clear up quickly.
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    looks like a fungus or yeast, not a pressure sore. there is that microcyn (aka vetericyn) that does nicely with these types of skin issues (yes, it is fda approved). antifungal powder/creams will work too.
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    Thanks so much for the pics.

    It is hard to tell if the skin is open-is it? It appears to be more of a skin irritation rather than pressure. Are you ever incontinent of stool or perhaps had incident where stool was on skin for a while recently? Have you tried any products such as A and D, sensicare? Does the redness go up into your groin or skin folds?


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    One other thing consistent with the "line" pattern. Could be irritation from tight/rough pant seams. Rough tight jeans can do a job like that.
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    My husband had something that looked like the picture. It turned out to be yeast and we were able to get it cleared up. He also gets a nearly raw rash in the folds of his legs by his groin from it getting moist.
    I'm no expert of course. Good Luck!

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    Thanks for everyone’s help! What a great site. SCI Nurse – No, it’s not/never been open. To touch, it’s very dry when he's lying in bed with it open to air - almost scab-like, but it’s never been open.

    Never incontinent, but do sweat a lot there. Also, had a period of really hard stools. Basically, had to dig it out. (Sorry, I know that’s gross.) Could this have caused a problem? Probably not, but just a thought.

    I'm thinking maybe it could be a fungus/yeast. He did have some type of rash in groin area several months ago which cleared up, but it didn't really look like this. And right now his groin area is looking okay. Would it be okay to use Clotrimazole Cream (1 % antifungal cream)? Also, this all seemed to start after being in the pool for about 6 hours (but we do get him out of his wet clothes very quickly). Thanks again everyone!

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