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Thread: Hot Flashes or lol

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    Hot Flashes or lol

    Hi everyone ;
    I had a brain fart of why I always feel like it is too hot / or as if I am burning up inside . The heat makes me super sluggish .
    Granted the temp's outside here in Tx is rediculously hot , But for the last 13 + years of my life i've alway's battled these hot flashes of sort's .

    Some doctors proclaim it is a womens hormonal change or what ever fancy schmancy term they use .
    I just think the older I get plus because of my slow metabolism I am all of the above and then Some rofl add good humor on top to be the icing on the cake .
    I also think men get these flashes too but just dont fess up to the typical whiney ways of their Female compadre's plus having them cold brewskis makes things more comfortable for some of the guys I know as they gather in their male group engorging their minds on some sport . They just support eachother dilligently watching the tele and passing gas eating burgers and chips .

    At this point of time a cold brewski sounds good lol
    Yet in my body away's feeling like it is not cold enough . I feel like I alway's need 50+ degree temp's to keep me happy > in other words I became a air conditioning maniac .

    Subliminally I know it is my OCD problem because in my past life I was a icecream lady who owned good humor .
    Seems like as tempting it is to venture outside of my house I just have this mental block stopping me because it is so suffocatingly hot outside .

    Here I am chilling out in my bedroom hitting the keyboard , trying to shed a few pounds of heat off my overtired body deprived of sub zero temps for now ! I did enjoy my winter .

    It would be kool if I knew how to cool off and stay cool all day but truthfully unless nasa blasts my butt off into space to cool me off lol I have to resort to just my chaotic silly humor to get me through my hot flashes .

    Hot flashes are unique especially the ones I live with 24/7 because of my SCI . There are many reasons why hot flashes occur and so far I just find myself stuck to the theory that maybe it is just hormonal being i'd say nearly 13+ years I felt the same ol way in good humor .

    I will ask my dr if I can be cryogenically a test experiment for the ice capades ? I cant ice skate but can the ice be my escapade to a cryogenic sub temp happiness of eternal bliss ? All the medical breakthroughs and there is no true cure for hot flashes !!! Wait i'll go call Flash Gordon ...

    Is it common for other SCI individuals to feel like they are too hot ?
    What I mean not in the vanity way as a supermodel Hot ....
    I just wonder !!!

    My dear friend Linda she hardly comes out of her house and we were laughing the other day when she told me Judy it is too darn hot outside ,

    She wants me to take her fishing but i'd be too hot as of now so We scrapped the fishing trip idea for now . I asked her what do you want to do she said lets go inside and chill out with the AC lol .

    Plus theyre re rigging my fishing boat . She is layed up torn down and in pieces but the guys are slowly working on the boat . I thought a little smaller newer motor would be cheaper on gas and more lighter .

    Fishing is my favorite past time and sometimes now because my boat is stripped down I am bored out of my gourd !!!

    I do love life and sharing funny concepts and thoughts with you all here because somehow Care Cure is a comfort zone and you all are so great .

    My odd topics like this are full of good intentions and I would never say anything wrong intentionally
    But gosh why do I feel like it is too hot outside ?

    Yrs ago my buddy ken my old fishing partner told me elnino pooo lmao looking back I wonder if my body is elnino biologically . Soon I go for full blood work up and cat scan the fun stuff ...

    In the meantime Been looking on moving up north and my friends whine .
    I tell them look it is too hot they say it is life I say it is plum crazy.

    What ever floats my boat and makes me happy is what matters in the long run because with my old age and afterburner temps lurking in my dna I am just getting warmed up unless I am some type of mutant !!! Never thought of that until now .

    We live in a age of technology and still the common cure for hot flashes is light years away !

    I have a simple answer Boat= Water and cool down .

    Today was just a heatwave and we still got hotter months ahead
    geez !!! Talk about atrociously hot , Earlier as I rolled outside to talk to my family on the phone I had to roll under a tree and I felt like I was out in the desert but I had a cold one in my fridge and cooled down afterwards .

    Long ago when we were kids I could hear ice cream trucks playing music and getting 15 cents hailing down the icecream man and getting my Good Humor .
    Ok who here has hot flashes ?

    Hope you all ave a blessed lovely time

    A little humor and ice cream man made my day ...

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    Well, no advice but I did see a sign that said, "Hot flashes are just POWER SURGES!"

    ROFL...hey...I'm almost ancient...I'm getting them too...they drive me crazy...and mine has nothing to do with SCI

    I'm loving me some iced ginger ale....mmmmmm!


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    Mine have nothing to do with SCI, it is my age!
    I love hot weather.
    Thanks for your post dear GypsyLady.

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    I am ancient lmao
    Keep smiling
    youre all fabulous

  5. #5 thing I do to cool down a bit is that my Dad is diabetic, and he uses those tiny alcohol squares before he checks his blood sugar...and I have found that keeping a few of those in my purse to dab around my neck helps me cool down..

    Again, NOT SCI related whatsoever, as I am not

    But Alcohol does have a cooling effect...but I would say use in moderation to not dry out your skin...

    And I am talking rubbing alcohol, not "getting drunk" alcohol...rofl!!!

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    I can't IMAGINE being drunk and having a hot flash at the same time.

    I've never been drunk, but combining the two does NOT sound good at ALL...rofl!!!!!

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    Well... I am not old enough to be suffering from hot flashes per say but I am always super warm. And its even odder because my body temperature is lower then "normal". God only knows how awful real hot flashes are going to make me because the fake ones I am having now sometimes actually make me almost pass out...

    T8-9 according to latest scoring.......
    since 1/3/04

    I am the best at being me. No matter how that happens to be!!

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