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Thread: Urethra doesn't close

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    Urethra doesn't close

    After Foley taken out, I was incomtinent. I went back on foley and leaked around it. I thought it was from bladder spasms. Now however urodynamics testing shows my urethra doesn't close and my bladder capacity is low. Urodynamics showed I have stretched out urethra The doctor believes it was stretched by the foley and the larger and larger caths the nurses used to try to stop my leaking.

    The doctor wants to do a sling which he says may not work. Another doctor thinks I should have a bladder augmentation first. The first doctor says that if the sling doesn't work, he would do a stoma sx;; he does not like suprapubic. Neither of the doctors want me to use the foley now. So I have to change pads often!

    I take oxybutrin XL 15mg. I have been prescribed Baclofen but I didn't think it helped and so I discontinued that.

    Nurse, any thoughts?

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    I agree that a foley is not a good thing due to the stretched urethra, which has been traumatized possibly from chronic foley use. Oxybutynin may help with the bladdder spasms and increase bladder capacity and better emptying but leaking will likely continue if you would continue with foley.

    A sling procedure may work, though it is not always sufficient to control leakage. An augmentation is also a consideration but it seems that the sling by many is considered a less complex procedure.

    Did the urologist say why they do not consider a sp tube, though you also run the risk of leaking from the urethra.
    Have they considered increasing the oxybutynin dose?


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