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Thread: San Jose Bike Party! 3,000 bikers, 6 hours in the back of a small death trap.

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    No self-respecting Roman would wear tie-dye. Whatta disgrace.


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    You are right I do not think anyone has been successful in getting INS to pay or help pay for one so it is save your money or maybe get a family member to loan you the money and pay them back if you want it now as apposed to saving for it
    Well I buy used off of eBay or craigslist that usually cuts the price in half or sometimes more than in half I have an upright that I paid $850 for and it was new from a nearby DME dealer, borrowed the money from my parents and paid them back. And just purchased a Freedom Ryder LC-1 off craigslist for $1900, had saved up the money. The Quickies Mach 2 upright listed new for $1850 and the Freedom Ryder LC-1 list for $3695 and the FR is used but I will get many years of use out of it, it is doubtful I will wear it out...You just have to do your homework, ask questions and if you can luck up and find one near you go and test rider it and see it before you buy or get them to take lots of pictures. has used ones for sale but they do not seem to be as heavily discounted.

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    Do you have any idea what their average speed was on the bike party? knowing that would give a better idea for sure as to if you could match the pace on a people could come along side you and give you a push if you were getting to slow

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    There's a new avatar for you somewhere among those pics.

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    Now that is a new way to give a Golden Shower. Cory, you have balls of steel to do that bike trip. The pictures and story are priceless. You are my hero for being so brave!

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    Didn't see a lot of helmets. 'Cause whats the chance of something bad happening to me....

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    Found a few other good ones, these 2 guys were hilarious. The biker on the right of them looks super jealous.

    I'm behind the kid in the green shirt, I KNOW IT!

    I'll ask my friend how fast he thinks we were going, he keeps track of these things.
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    You had the right idea with the helmet but I would have got some cardboard and tin foil to soup up the wheels Ben-Hur style:

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    That was great Cory! I loved the pictures too. If you get a hand cycle and get tired, see if there's some way to be able to get a tow from one or two. Probably would get all out of step if more than one biker tried to pull at the same time. You need to do the miles in a circle so when you get back you can have a big grilling hotdogs and marshmallow type thing. I'd suggest beer, but I know you children don't drink.

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    A powered wheel would be great for times like this. Not sure of the names but I think one is a Biox. Many of the riders in Vancouver are buying them. Duncan Campbell used his exclusivley transmuting to the G.F. Stronge. He pushed on the flats and powered up on the hills. They're heavy but It is an option I plan on looking into.

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