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Thread: meeting with Carl C. Kao

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    Birde, As I mentioned earlier, I have nothing but respect for your decision and believe you are very brave to undergo Dr Kao's treatment.

    And while I am skeptical, I do plan on having Dr Kao come and visit me to get his opinion of my injury. Thanks for all of your research.

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    for a injury not to high and under three inches not severed,are the majority of theses poeple at least getting back there bowel,blatter,and sexual fuctions?the feeling of these things?that alone would be incrediable step forward

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    Easy birde,

    birde, nobody is putting down your decision. Lighten up. Like I said in the beginning of my post. I hope you get as much return as you hope for.

    I think we're all awake enough to recognize that there are other options, Russia, Taiwan etc. My point was birde that to date none of these therapies clinical or experimental has worked conclusively and consistently and therefore my question of basically is it worth the risk? You think it is. Good luck. But get off your attitude that the rest of us are just sitting around waiting for something that in your mind isn't going to "knock on our door".

    Some of us analyze these decisions differently and you shouldn't condemn us for it. Also, just because we're not as emotionally charged as your posts often reflect doesn't mean we care any less or don't want a cure as bad as you do.

    My apologies for showing any skepticism in Dr. Kao or your research. Looking forward though to your honest assessment of whether or not you improve.

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    lack of publications??? NOT

    you know, with a little work on a search engine, i don't see how ANYONE can claim a LACK of publications for Dr. Kao. In his cirriculum vitae ALONE he has nearly 100 publications. There are MANY MANY MANY pages of hits when you type in kao and sural nerve graft..etc.etc.etc. given his work with subjects, this guy has probably done more for our progress towards a cure than anyone ALIVE.

    Eric Texley

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    My skepticism is that the articles have not been published in medical journals for peer review.

    Who knows though, the good doctor may be just way ahead his time.

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    Dr. Kao's curriculum vitae

    Here is Dr. Kao's curriculum vitae, where he trained, where he has been, his publications, and also his birthdate.

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    Dr. Kao not only has published a multitude of papers that were in fact published in medical journals for peer review, but also has spoke at a number of synposiums(meetings) as well as taught and lectured at numerous colleges. He has wrote a book and is in the process of another. The last published article I found was 1996...not all that long ago, he has some small articles and abstracts but they are from Taiwan and South America, and I am not too good at either launguage. The last one out of Taiwan that I found was titled: Nerve and Ometum Graft in Post-Traumatic Spinal Cord Cavitation(Taipei Medical College and National Taiwan University) VD-1-1D 443.He presented this at the 9th Asian-Australasian Congress of Neurological Surgery. Dr. Kao does not feel that he must defend himself. He has said that just because an article or study or abstract is published, still it is often rejected by ones peers and not given the proper attention it deserves, thus he will write it all at one time in a book. He is not concerned with what people may say or think. Here is the link to his curriculum Vitae:

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    Sorry, my earlier posting somehow lost the URL

    Here is another site describing Carl Kao's work:

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    good luck

    Birde- I wish you the best. Hopefully, your next anniversary won't be so gloomy.


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    Well I'll be......

    I'm still curious about how Dr Kao feels about doing a OEG autograft transplant but after reading his CV; I think I know someone who did his internship together with Dr Kao. Think I'll ask him.

    Has anyone else asked their neurologists or neurosurgeons about OEG tranplants?

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