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Thread: meeting with Carl C. Kao

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    so he how long has he been doing this?and how come this has never come up that seriuos on spinewire?it just seems everyone is looking into this right know,how come not two years ago,what has changed?thanks

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    Dr. Kao

    The address for Dr. Kao is
    3801 Connecticut Av. N.W.
    Suite 100
    Washington, D.C. 20008

    Phone 1-202-362-6421

    He has done at least 100 surgeries, probably more, in Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, and Taiwan. A video of the process is easy to get.

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    To date Dr. Kao has done over 500 of these procedures. He has said that he on average does about 80 SCI individuals a year. There are 12 patients schedualed to have this operation during the time I go. I know 2 others besides myself (not personaly). About 5 years ago there were quite a few people having this done.

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    hay birde,i just sent a fax to dr.kao,hopefully he replies soon,i just dont understand how come poeple didnt talk about going over there six months ago on spinewire if he has been doing this so long?it just seems this is a knew thing but hes been doing it for years,the poeple you saw on the tapes you have,does it say there injury and how long they have been hurt?did it really seem like to you that he can make a difference?just even have felling would be worth 30,000,and not be excluded from any other trials,there is so many poeple that went on spinewire and no one did this treatment,i guess iam just trying to get more information to help my friends and me and to give them a reason to get this money together,thanks jeff

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    overtheline3- The video that we viewed seemed as though it was the real thing...I have no idea how they could fake that. The individual(s) were using a walker. One particular individual was getting out of a car, when she did this, you could see that her legs were wobbling all over at first as she got up to the walker. Her walking was primative and slow. She was walking, not pulling her legs along or swivling her hips. She had her elbows bent and she was not putting all her weight on the arms. She had the boots on that came below the knees. She bent her knees as she walked, one foot in front of the other. Much like an older person with a walker. Again, slow and primative steps. There were posts regarding Dr. Kao at, I looked and read them all. Just recently it would seem that more individuals are willing to partake in trials, and what some refer to as alternative treatments or therapies.

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    info. on Ed Paige- also going to Ecuador in August

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    WSAZ TV (Huntington-Charleston, WV) TV station
    called and wants to do a story on Ed Paige ( going to Ecuador for procedure w/ Kao. I think it is schedualed for tomorrow. Just in case you are in that area.

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    Dr. Kao

    Dr. Kao was in South Georgia yesterday, and will meet with my son Jake today in Auburn, Al. Since I am a College Professor, I will grill him with many questions of interest to the people in this forum. Will keep you informed.

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