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Thread: meeting with Carl C. Kao

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    jeff, you have been asking great questions and you should continue to ask them. I'll bet that Dr. Kao will be very surprised by all the information contained on these forums regarding his procedures. Wise.

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    First of all, Kyle is a quad not para. C level injury, he may have sensation to T5 but on all accounts he is still a quad. As for the gentleman in Texas (spider bite), I have been in contact with him since his return which was this past friday and he is not walking. He took a few steps with his walker and the boots while in Ecuador, but far from walking. He is on a 2 wk. rest (i.e. not to transfer alone or move around too much...) as is every patient that has had this procedure by Kao. He did have sensation and very small amount of function in his lower legs before the procedure, and that is the same now, perhaps more control over the legs(and/or muscles in the legs) (again not much) and perhaps more sensation. He asked for information on the 4AP and I forwarded it to him. Dr. Kao believes or at least says that he believes to his patients that this procedure will be like a stepping stone towards the cure, that this will put people ahead of those in regards to the cure. He really believes that it will be a combonation of therapies, meds., procedures and so on that will be the cure and this is one of the procedures. That is what he believes. He still does research and is always interested in others research as well. He is in fact waiting for Dr. Chengs paper that should be out within a month or so. I found that interesting and asked him, if he is so eager to read this paper about Dr. Chengs work, don't you think others are as equally interested in some kind of paper or book describing your findings, research, and work? His response was "perhaps they are, I am working on the book, but don't seem to have that much time to dedicate to it". He seems more interested in hands on work and helping others than proving his research with papers, which is unfortunate.

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    Spider bite

    What makes a spider bite be able to paralyze someone?


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    spider bite

    although I don't know much if anything about spider bites, I will tell you what he said to me. They are not really sure to to this day what kind of spider it was that bit him. It took almost a wk. before the bite caused the paralysis, aparently the poison from the spider is what caused the paralysis. As the poison spread throughout his system/body it crossed the spinal cord and at the area it crossed is where he became paralyzed (which was a C level). The paralysis moved to the T3 level throughout time, and that is the level he consideres himself and Dr. Kao agreed. I really don't know more than that.

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    Thank's for all the info.

    Thank's Birde, for all your postings, keeping all of us updated to the progres. It seem's you both have gotten a little flack on not giving The right info. on who you where to begin with, not sure, but you two are definitely ok with me. Keep up the good work, and keep posting.

    Paul J.

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    Jim started his leg exercises. We had our handyman friend build us a system/machine. It consists of pulleys and cable and weights. It is attached to the ceiling of our room via a piece of wood bolted to the studs and the pulleys are attached to that (two of them) and the cable runs through the pulleys. The cable is then attached to the leg with a clip that fastens on to a cuff (supplied by Kao) that goes around the ankle. The weights are attached at the other end and he does what kind of looks like pushups (while on his stomach), which in turn makes his leg move the weights up and down (these are Iliopsoas exercises). He can feel it in his abdomin. He also has an exercise for on his back with the same system/equipment which is to strengthen his gluteus and quads. With this system/equipment he can also do upper body strengthining exercises as well. I'll see if I can get a link (to a website-if he has one) of a man who makes and sells his own verssion of this equipment.

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    Kelly Bulter

    Has anyone heard from Kelly Butler from Texas, he had Dr. Kao surgery sometime back, but I have not heard anthing since he returned.

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    we have not spoke to him in a while, but we have his phone number, if someone needs or wants to call him just email us.

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    Originally posted by overtheline3:

    i go this saturday to meet dr.kao at the hilton here in san deigo.Iam just wondering if poeple can give me some real good questions for him?i really want to know if this surgery will make my spine even harder to regenerate if and when other procedures come out?or is it just adding parts that should already be there?thanks jeff


    My friend (C5) and I (T10) also flying down there this Saturday can to meet Dr. Kao on Sunday. He didn't give me much information over the phone though. Thanks to both Dr. Young and Birde, we can go prepared. It would good to learn if his procedure would at leat fix my nagging pain?
    Good luck to you.

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    overtheline3, VH, and friend....hope all went well w/ your meeting with Dr. Kao. Let us know the details when you all have a chance!

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