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Thread: meeting with Carl C. Kao

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    Dear Birdie (J+R):

    Thanks for the great photos. They brought back fond memories. I had not seen the pictures of Jake. Jake and the rest of his group will be home this friday the 14th, God Willing! They are all doing well and in good spirits.



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    thanks jim for the photos,how are you feeling?so you have already got feeling back that you didnt have?thats t-7 below a t-8 or above,i keep hearing different,just curious

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    Phone # for the clinic in Ecuador

    Can anyone tell me the phone # for the hospital in Ecuador where Dr. Kao performs his surgeries ?
    Thank You.

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    Clinica La Primavera phone # in Cumbaya, Ecuador

    The phone number is:011-593-2-893040 and the fax is:011-593-2-891267.

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    I have a problem with people like Joe Breslin or "no author" who wrote that he raises $750,000 a year for spinal cord research and employs people in wheelchairs who use headsets to do their job. He also spent time telling us about how he saw individuals in wheelchairs with greasy hair who smoke, drink and spend time in "titty bars." These individuals remain anonymous and sucker some of us into their mindless topics which distract us from discussing more substantive issues. I think if they had the "kahonas"
    to put down their first and last names, I would have a little more respect for them.

    It is a privilege to post on this forum and Dr. Young at any time can make a unilateral decision to kick anyone off for inappropriate conduct. There may come a day when we may have to add our first and last name, including city and state, along with an e-mail address to our profile. By the way, rdf, if you reverse the initials on your screen name you come up with FDR! "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!"

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    today I'm to start with my standing frame again. Since I have been home, I have been on restriction with physical activities. I have not been allowed to transfer on my own. I have been bored silly, but don't want to risk the chance of busting any stitches. The stitches on my back, legs and stomach as well as the ones inside of me are all the type that disolve. The outside ones look great, in fact the ones on my stomach and legs are hardly noticable. I am to try standing in the frame for 1 hour total today (1/2 hour in morning and same at night or afternoon) and try to work up to 2 hours a day. I did it before I left and that should not be a problem. I don't have too much pain, and the numbness I used to have is gone completly. I am able to move the toes on both feet, but it takes a great deal of concentration. I can move the left leg and apply pressure with it, again much concentration is required. My ab muscles are coming back as are the thigh muscles. I can feel what would seem like a dull ache when I need to have a bowel program...and can push it out . I have not had any real side affects, some who had the surgery, while I was there had awful headaches following the operation, some were very sick to there stomach, some slept all the time. Hiccups came to everyone, even those who could not or did not hiccup before the operation. We were told that the hiccups came from the hyperbaric chamber, and that's when we would get them, after being in it.

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    Originally posted by birdeJ:

    I am able to move the toes on both feet, but it takes a great deal of concentration. I can move the left leg and apply pressure with it, again much concentration is required.
    Were you able to move your toes and leg BEFORE operation?

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    as far as my toes before the operation: I could move the big toe on left foot slightly, and once or twice moved the other big toe on the right foot, but now I can do it more so with all the toes on both feet. The legs before the operation were dead for the most part, limp noodles! The right leg does not move on comand, however when I am in the weight machine that was built by a gentleman out of Greenbay, WI (who also had this operation) and I am able to flex the thigh muscles. You are able to see that and feel that. The left leg does move on comand...when I either lay on my back or sit in a chair and have my knee bent in the air (which my wife or therapist must do) I can push with the leg and you are able to feel the leg "push". Two others that were there could also do this. One who had a spider bite when he was younger and he did have some feeling in his legs before the operation, but no movement that I am aware of, and another who was injured from a gunshot...Greg Perry who left almost as soon as I first got there. So I'm afraid that I don't have a great deal of info on him. I do know he has not had to cath in 2 years, but he credits that to a strict diet and a herbologist that prescribes special herbs for his bladder program. When he did the weight amchine exercises at the clinic in Ecuador I watched and his leg or thigh muscles were not flexing or responding like mine seemed to be. He was injured 5 years ago, the spider bite gentleman was about 12 years ago and I was 1 year ago. I could not push my BM on my own, I had to use a supos. and help it along, that took about 45 minutes to an hr. and I did that once a wk. Now I have to do it every other day cause otherwise I will fill my pants and have a dull stomach ache, and no suppos. is really needed, it just happens, and if I push you can feel my ab muscles get tighter and it just all comes out...time is about 10-15 minutes.

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    BirdeJ, hopefully you recover even more when the possible regeneration kicks in.

    It will be interesting to see if Scott (C5/6 quad, 12 year post) experience any improvement. He had surgery two weeks ago.

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