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Thread: meeting with Carl C. Kao

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    birde,i look here every day to see your outcome of the surgery,and when i e-mailed you i talked to you as you where the one that was in my shows,that bumms me out you where talking for your old man,i thought i was talking to someone that knows what i was talking about,iam sure you do but if your not in this chair you dont understand at all what i was saying,that sucks,i felt like i was talking to someone who is right there with me,i bummed out,jeff

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    Moderator's note

    I don't care if people post using real names, handles or whatever. I have no problems with family or friends posting for their injured friends or loved ones. But in the interest of science and our readership here, if you go for any kind of trial or experimental surgery or therapy and wish to post your results here the sex of the person is important. Many trials do put constraints on who can and cannot participate depending on age, level and completeness of injury, chronic or acute and sex and restrictions from surgeries may also be sex based.

    For those in the Diacrin trials both men and women may not have children after the cells are transplanted and both must use barrier birth control. So please, try to stay at least within a reasonable distance of the kind of person who actually has the injury. I think for such a well educated group as the carecure people are we tend to get picky over details and in this case a bit too picky.

    Please Birde, I would love to hear from all those who have had this surgery and how their rehabilitation goes afterwards. Feel free to be childless, change the level of injury to high thorasic, make your hubby a purple haired accountant for the mob if you want. But please continue to visit us and we ALL wish your husband success and many new levels of function and sensation. Sue

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    overtheline3- I have now signed on with "J" after Birde meaning that now you (and everyone else) will know when Robin and when I (Jim) are posting. Robin is much better when it comes to the appologies, which is why she wrote the reply to everyone. I can assure you and everyone/anyone else that I did in fact post-not just Robin....Robin did in fact do all the research in regards to Dr. Kao. I did answer your emails as well post quite often here. We (Robin & I) are not about to go back and verify which she posted and which I posted....I posted about my annivers. in the care forums, and I did post about Dr. Kao's visit as well as many others. But I can assure you and anyone/everyone else that the past problem is now corrected...I am BirdeJ and Robin is BirdeR...

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    Jim, I don't think it's necessary to apologize anyway... "What we have here, is a failure to communicate."


    "Because you're not promised tomorrow." ~ Stuck Mojo

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    My Main Problem with this whole thing

    Is that it seems to me that this Operation is very similiar to Dr. Goldsmiths Omentum Operation which as Dr. Young Stated back 1/2 year ago on Cando really did not produce any noticable results. I understand with Dr. Kao's procedure that he in addition to the intestinal lining also transplants some periphrial nerve material and there again periphrial nerves transplanted into CNS nerves has never been proven to do a whole heck of a lot. It has been tried unsucessfully for years as it did make sense in that since periphrial nerves regenerate and CNS nerves don't that it might work, but not so.

    I realize this Operation is a heck of a lot to go through and you do have my respect for having taken the risk Jim. I am just very Sceptical of these type of procedures as you may have gathered during our original posts months back about the Omentum Transportation.

    Sorry I put Dr. Young on the spot about this Operation, but, I just do not believe it makes a lot of sense for most Chronic Quads and Paras to fly out to Equidor and get this procedure done. nuff said.

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    Who cares which Birdie it is?:)

    I have read the explanations and they make sense to me. To aggressively attack two people for what was at most an oversight just leads me to realize that this community has too much time on it's hands

    I am thinking about my parents and trying to tell them how to set the stupid VCR to record one channel while they watched another. Add to that using a computer to actually get to a web page and register under separate screen names would be beyond them. They would feel lucky to get registered the first time

    All I know is that I welcome the chance to read the updates on whoever is brave enough and lucky enough to afford to try these therapies first.
    I don't plan to waste my time on conspiracy theories or making enemies of other disabled people.

    This is a time to ban together despite differences and make up for what our moron president has decided to do with the stem cell issue.
    Thanks, Russ

    Russ Byrd

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    Even if

    People go in for a procedure that does not really work? and spend a lot a time and money on something that could actually create problems in the long run? Does not sound like a very good deal to me Russ. I still cannot find any conclusive positive results of this Operation no matter how hard I search, I have checked medical journals, everything I can think of and come up empty handed. Everything I find is just heresay on the Internet.

    Maybe in certain cases it might be a good idea like for people with Spinal Cord Cysts who need something done anyhow, it sure sounds better than the alternative in doing a shunt. Anyhow, for more info on this go to this link. Dr. Young talks about Dr. Kao here


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    Is Anyone Else Having to Scroll Right and then Left to Read These Posts?

    I just want to say thanks for sharing and good luck to BirdieJ, BirdieR, and Jake. I hope I got all the names correctly.


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    I did not mean to imply to you that we should chase after therapies that don't work. My response was more to stop personal attacks..especially on people who already weighed the odds in this and decided to go for it. A certain respect is called for when someone takes a chance like this. And only time will tell if it was a waste of time or not. Either way, the rest of us stand to benefit from the knowledge that comes from it.
    The only thing I am beginning to realize is that if a cure is available anytime within our lifetimes, it will not be in this great country of ours because of the ignorance of it's leadership.

    Russ Byrd

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    You got that right Russ

    Think of the Millions of people who will die or remain seriously disabled because the George W. Bush's Administrations lack of forsight. And think of all the great Scientists that we will lose to other countries.

    I had an arguement last night with my Father who is a Conservative Republican and believes that Bush did the right thing, I told my Father that maybe one of these days he will have a stroke or something and think differently about the whole issue. I guess a lot of the public were fooled into thinking that Bush handled things correctly because they watched his speech and he appeared to come off as kind, caring, want to do the right thing type of individual. What they don't realize is that he put a real dampener on future Stem Cell research. But like I said, if you are in a situation where you figure you do not stand to benefit from the research, its like who cares?

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