Why won't you let me(us,them,ya'll,I, me, he, she, it, they, if, but, so) have us privacy.There's nothing wrong with spending weeks at a time pretending to be a cripple of the opposite sex. Ever since word got out that I got this groundbreaking (nevermind the fact thousands of others have had the same operation)surgery, people have been surrounding my hidden lair located deep within the hills of Georgia with the intention of gawking at me, my hideous looking wife, and my short bus riding kids. The pictures that that privacy invading jgiambro guy took are plastered all over the internet. All the major TV networks have cut back on covering that thousands of people dying thing in order to carry my inspirational story. In fact, we can't even go to the secluded creek where I wash our clothes (with lye soap, of course), gather the berries, and catch the fish us thrive on without being mobbed by the local gimps all wanting to know how they too can get this miraculous surgery that lets you move not just one, but two toes. All I ever wanted was to live out the rest of our years as a sun fearing, people avoiding, shack dwelling, inbreeding hermit with multiple personalities. Is that too much to ask?

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