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Thread: Reeve Interview on Stem Cell Research

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    Hair Hair

    I agree. Even stress can do in the old follicles. Not to mention heavy handed nurses with a comb. Vacations are Mother Nature's way of saying relax or I'll relax you.

    My next vacation will be a cruise to whale and seal and dolphin watch from NYC to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland down the St Lawrence to Quebec City and up a smaller river to watch the fall colors. With midnight chocolate buffets the spousal unit and I will be wiggly relaxed lumps by mid October.

    Shut up, DA!

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    I also was shocked at how he looked. I'm sure going on vacation as a c1 quad must be a logistical nightmare like DA said. I'm sure Chris can do it though.

    I think Reeve will wait untill Bush makes his decision on stem cells before considering slowing down. I hope he vacations soon also, he needs it.

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    is there anything like wheelchair demolition derby exist? i sure like to sign sue and i up.

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    Reeve vacation - Hah!

    All this talk of a Reeve vacation - fergetaboutit! He's producing a movie based on the true story of a young person with SCI set to air this fall. The film was virtually finished when the network decided instead of the kind of "gritty" drama that airs later in the evening they wanted something they could show earlier during "family time." This meant the whole thing - starting with the script - had to be reworked. It also means that CR will have to delay by about 6 months his new book (already announced by Random House) titled "Nothing in Impossible.

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